Unique Features Of C - Programming Language

Vivek Kumar Gupta
Feb 16, 2019   •  2 views

C is a Middle-Level Programming Language. This is a Structure Oriented Programming Language. By the way, this language is simple as High-Level Language and also supports the features of Low-Level Language. It is used to create Computer Application Software and System Software. Initially, this language was used to do programming in the Unix Operating System.

It is also called Procedural Oriented Programming Language. This can both develop computer application software and operating system software. So this is a trickle and proficient programming language. Having the ability to create both types of software, Mean C is also called General Purpose Programming Language.

History of C Language

Dennis Ritchie started developing this language in Bell's Laboratory in the late 1970s. Slowly, it was fully developed in Bells Laboratory until 1972. UNIX was created to do programming in the operating system. But with the help of this language, the complete UNIX operating system was rebuilt. Speaking of today's time, UNIX is entirely made up of C language. The c compiler is also written in c.

Characteristics of C Language

  • This is a Middle-Level Language.
  • It has high and low-level language features.
  • This is a General Purpose Programming Language.
  • It has 32 English Words that are called Keyword (Keyword: if-else, For, Break).
  • Because of the Library Function, you can easily develop bigger programs than this.
  • The programmer can also create a Function according to its own.
  • c Program follows a Control Structure, that is why it is called Structure Programming Language.
  • Program Structure such as Selection (if ... else), Repetition (While, For, Do ... .while) and For Loop
  • All programs written in C are portable.
  • This is a System Independent Language, which means that those written in Program C can run in all the computers.
  • This language is simple and easy because the programmer is easily understood in English.
  • Structure of C Program
  • There are lots of Functions in every C program, every Function has many Statements. The function performs some specific task. The General Structure of the bottom c program is given.

Program Compiler & Download Link

The C program is first written in software. To write this, different versions of Turbo C you can download from the net like Turbo 3.0, Turbo C 4.0 Turbo C 4.5. You can download this link from https://turboc.codeplex.com/

To write the program, you will have to learn the Basics of C for this also I will give you some site link here.

https: //www.programiz.com/c-programming

https: //www.tutorialspoint.com/cprogramming/

Applications of this Language

1. C language is used for making computer applications

2. Used in writing embedded software

3. Firmware for various electronics, industrial and communications products that use microcontrollers.

4. Now a days C language is also used in developing verification software, simulators etc. for various applications and hardware products.

5. For Creating Compiler of different languages which can take input from other language and convert it into lower level language.

6. C language is used to implement different Operating System. UNIX kernel is fully developed in C Language.