Statue of Liberty

Liberty Island, New York Harbor - New York, United States.

Height: 93 metre

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Designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the Statue of Liberty, represents the Roman Goddess Libertas.

Libertas who personified liberty, has however been featured on various platforms that supported factions, like those of the Roman Dictator Julius Caesar's assassins!

At New York Harbor, there is the Liberty Island, also called Bedloe's Island, which Bartholdi declared the "land common to all states" in his letter to laboulaye!



While the right hand of the statue holds the torch, the left hand holds a votive tablet, or the tabula ansata, which has July 4 1776, embossed- the date that signifies U.S. Independence.

The Statue of Liberty, also known as La Liberté éclairant has a lot to do with the French people!

Its basic framework of metal, was built by the very famous Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who's best known to have built the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France.

The French politician, Édouard René de Laboulaye, who was also the president of the French Anti-Slavery Society, in 1865 announced that any dedications or tributes to the U.S Independence, will be ideally done as a collaborative effort by Frenchmen and the people of the United States!

Bartholdi who was a French Sculptor and also a Major of Militia, during the Franco-Prussian War, took inspiration from this and contributed to the torch holding arm and the head of the statue.

The decline of slavery is represented by the broken chains and shackles at the feet of this Statue.


Easter Island, East Polynesia.

Group of monolithic figures


The height of all Moai statues or figures on an average is about 4 metres.Paro is the tallest one among them with a height of 10 metres!


The Easter Island is located in the Pacific Ocean.

These group of statues are basically carved out of raw massive rocks from scratch! The Moai figures were made by some Polynesian Inhabitants of this Island, called Rapa Nui roughly from the Eleventh to the Fourteenth centuries.


Source: The Culture Trip

Rano Raraku is the volcanic crater that contributes to about 95% of the composition of the Moai statues or figures. The faces are carved on the rocks of Moai, as a tribute to the idealized ancestors - "ata tepuna"!

Many of these figures collapsed during the 18th and 19th centuries, not much after European exposure in 1722.

They are also called the Easter Island Heads.

"All but 53 of the more than 900 moai known to date were carved from tuff (a compressed volcanic ash) from Rano Raraku, where 394 moai in varying states of completion are still visible today. There are also 13 moai carved from basalt, 22 from trachyte and 17 from fragile red scoria." - Wikipedia

These figures more or less represent Polynesian religious beliefs and are popular as storehouses of spirits!

Little Mermaid

Copenhagen. Denmark.

Depicts mermaid becoming human.

Height: 1.25 metre


Designed by Edvard Eriksen, the Little Mermaid Statue has been derived from the 1836 fairy tale- The Little Mermaid by writer Hans Christian Andersen!

This bronze figure, also contributed by brewer, Carl Jacobsen - had emerged in the year 1909 and came in the light in 1913.

It represents the Ballerina Ellen Price.

To be specific, this figure is located at the shore of the cruise harbor Langelinie.



For various reasons, mainly political, the Statue has gotten defaced by people a number of times. One time, an explosive had been placed at the base of the statue while another time the head was sawed off, how aggressive is that!

These are just two of the many harms done to this statue.

Many replicas of this statue have also been created!

Peter The Great Statue

Moscow, Russia

Monumentalizes 300 years of Russian Navy.

Height: 98 metres


Designed by Zurab Tsereteli, Peter The Great Statue, emerged in 1997 and ranks at the 8th position among the World's Tallest Statues.

The figure is professedly said to be based on another design that was dedicated to Christopher Columbus's first voyage!

A friend of the designer Zurab who also happened to be the former mayor of Moscow - Yuri Luzhkov , commissioned this statue.

The city St. Petersberg, derived its name from this statue in 1712.

There have been many rumours about the figure to be removed from Moscow.


Source: Pinterest

Many sources have listed this statue among the ugliest buildings in the world!

"The original work was reportedly turned down by every US city the artist tried to sell it to, including New York, Baltimore and Miami."

The Thinker

Paris, France

Based on The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri

Height: 1.86 metre


This Statue is also known as Le Penseur (Français). Made by Auguste Rodin, this sculpture signifies philosophy. The figure was initially part of his work The Gates of Hell inducted in 1880 and was called The Poet ( Le Poète). One of the most popular editions of the same has been placed in the gardens of the Rodin Museum in Paris. Henri Lebossé, was one of Rodin's assistants.



"The original plaster exhibited at the Musée d’Orsay and in the doors that were made posthumously." -

(in such cities as San Francisco, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, Moscow, and Tokyo)

Emperors Yang and Huang

Zhengzhou, China

Mountain carved into Monument, over the Yellow River.

Height: 106 metre


This sculpture depicts two ancient chinese emperors- Yang Di and Huang Di. It is the 5th tallest in the world! These emperors are said to have taught Chinese the elements and principles of living and hence have importance in the roots of China! Yang and Huang are the earliest ancestors of China.



"The statues stand 106 meters tall, two meters higher than the world-famous Statue of Mother Russia in Stalingrad." -

David Statue

Galleria dell'Accademia,

Florence, Italy

Symbolises the defence of civil liberties embodied in the Republic of Florence

Height: 5.17 metres


Representing the biblical exemplar David, was created by artist Michelangelo as a symbol of Renaissance. It was previously supposed to be placed at Floorline Cathedral but then got placed outside the Palazzo Vecchio and finally moved to the Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence.

"In 1873, the statue of David was removed from the piazza, to protect it from damage, and displayed in the Accademia Gallery, Florence, where it attracted many visitors. A replica was placed in the Piazza della Signoria in 1910." - Wikipedia



The marble for this figure was supplied from Carrara, Apuan Alps.

Olmec Colossal Heads

Gulf Coast, Mexico.

Symbolise the Olmec civilization (Southwestern Mexico) of ancient Mesoamerica.

Height: 1.17 to 3.4 metres


This is a group of human heads made of stone out of basalt boulders that represent powerful Olmec Rulers. The Olmecs have also been titled as the "Mother Culture" of Mesoamerica! These heads resemble the characteristics of the aborigines of Tabasco and Veracruz.

The Olmec are the pioneers of monumental Architecture and Stone sculpting in Ancient America (900 BC).

The boulders for the same were supplied from the Sierra de los Tuxtlas mountains located in Veracruz!


Source: Lithic Casting Lab


"Seventeen heads have been discovered to date, 10 of which are from San Lorenzo and 4 from La Venta". - Ancient History

"The Olmecs are regarded as the first civilization to develop in Mesoamerica and the Olmec heartland is one of six cradles of civilization worldwide, the others being the Norte Chico culture of South America, the Erlitou culture of China's Yellow River, the Indus Valley Civilization of the Indian subcontinent, the civilization of ancient Egypt in Africa, and the Sumerian civilization of ancient Iraq. Of these, only the Olmec civilization developed in a lowland tropical forest setting." - Wikipedia

“The Olmec civilization, which thrived along Mexico's Gulf Coast from about 1200 to 400 B.C., was the first major Mesoamerican culture.”

-Christopher Minster

Terrace of the Lions

Mykonos, Greece

These are a group of roughly twelve to sixteen stone lions, which face the Sacred Lake of Delos, date back to 600 BCE. These were formed by the people of a Greek Island called Naxos as a dedication to Apollo - the Greek god of sun!

Apollo was the son of Zeus - who's known to be the God of Sky!

These carved lions symbolize a mystical sense of capacity and power which were meant to guard shrines and sanctuaries.

The Terrace of the lions is one of the most attractive places for travellers and onlookers.



The Island of Delos is the birthplace of God Apollo and his sister Artemis and this is why Delos is marked to be one of the Holy lands in the history of Greece!

Made by Naxian Marble, the lions across Delos, have been replaced by their replicas. The original ones being kept at the museum!

The popular landmarks near this group of statues include Apollo's Temples, Cleopatra’s House and the Altar of Dionysus.


"Apollo is one of the most complex and important gods, and is the god of many things, including: music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge."

-Greek Gods and Goddesses

"Today, only five of the original lions remain with remnants of three others and the headless body of another has been transported and put over the main gate of a Venetian arsenal."

The statues of Mount Nemrut

Mountain Nemrut,

South-east Turkey

Mountain Height: 2134 metre

King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene built on the mountain top a tomb-sanctuary


Located in Turkey's - Mount Nemrut National Park, are figures of Persian and Greek Gods and are built by Antiochus I ( 69–34 B.C BC).

It is also inspired by Egyptian's in some ways!

Mount Nemrut belongs to the Taurus Range, in Adiyaman. This place is popular for having the sculptures from the Kingdom of Commagene - an Armenian Kingdom (162 BC).



These sculptures include those of eagles, lions, Greek gods, Armenian gods and Antiochus I as well! Many of these statues have names of gods carved on them. Quite of few of them are made out of limestone.

Also, this site is allegedly Antiochus I 's Burial!

Antiochus who sought religious syncretism had Persian as well as Macedonian ancestry!

These constructions of the Hellenistic period bilaterally originate from Greek and Persia.

The Motherland Calls Statue

Mamaev Kurgan hill, city of Volgograd, Russia

Height: 279 metre

Symbolises the Battle of Stalingrad


This figure which was declared the world's tallest in 1967, tells us about the 'Battle of Stalingrad' (1942) which was the biggest encounter of World War II between the countries - Germany and Russia for the city of Stalingrad that witnessed the death of about 225 German Army men (when they attacked the Mamayev Kurgan Park, Russia) killed by Marshal of the Soviet Union -Vasily Zaytsev who has been buried in the same area!

It was once lit up to celebrate the 72nd feast of victory over Nazi Germans!

This statue was featured on a 1983 stamp of the German Democratic Republic (or East Germany) and also on the flag of Volgograd Oblast!


Volgograd Oblast Flag

The statue is also known as the Volgograd Statue!


The Motherland Calls - Source: Ritebook

'The motherland calls' was designed by Yevgeny Vuchetich and Nikolai Nikitin.

The statue had been unveiled on 15th October 1967!

"The Motherland Calls is an exact depiction of the same that clarifies that people who will think to attack the country will have to face the bold and strong people."

The Knotted Gun

New York, USA

The Knotted Gun is a Non-Violence Sculpture of bronze by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd (died on May 3, 2016) in 1985 located at the United Nations Headquarters. He was a close friend of Singer and Activist - John Lennon.



It was made soon after John Lennon had been murdered in the year 1980. His popular songs 'Imagine' as well as 'strawberry fields forever' have depicted well, his ideas of peace for mankind!

"The idea behind the knotted gun was to honor John Lennon for his vision of a world at peace"

This sculpture of an oversized Colt Python was donated by the Government of Luxembourg to the United Nations in the year 1988!

The UN Secretary General had expressed:

"it has enriched the consciousness of humanity with a powerful symbol that encapsulates, in a few simple curves, the greatest prayer of man; that which asks not for victory, but for peace.”

About 31 replicas of this sculpture have been made around the world!

The Statue of Unity

Vadodara, Gujarat,


Faces the Sardar Sarovar Dam

Height: 182 metre


Dedicated to Politician and Activist Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the Statue of Unity was designed by sculptor Ram Vanji Sutar (Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan). It faces the river Narmada across the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The statue was unveiled on 31st October 2018 (also Patel's Renaissance).

Vallabhbhai Patel also called the 'Iron Man of India', has played a major role in the unification of about 500 Indian provinces & princely states and worked for the decline of Imperialism.



Source: DNA India

Its designer's son Anil Sutar had said-

"the expression, posture and pose justify the dignity, confidence, iron will as well as kindness that his personality exudes. The head is up, a shawl flung from shoulders and hands are on the side as if he is set to walk".

It is the World's Tallest statue (182 m), the second tallest being the Spring Temple Buddha, China (153 m)!

Admired for his leadership, Sardar Vallabhbhai was the first Home Minister of British-Independent India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi, announced this project on Oct 7, 2013 while he was the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Great Sphinx of Giza

Al Giza Desert, Egypt

Measurements: 73 × 19 × 20 metres


Made of Limestone, the Great Sphinx of Giza is the figure of a human-headed lion is located beside the waters of the Nile in Giza and built by Egyptians during the administration Pharaoh Khafre. This statue is one of the oldest (2500 BC) and far spread figures in the world.

This sphinx is possibly dedicated to Khafre's father Khufu.


Source: Virtual Multimodal Museums

Khafre was the King of Egypt precisely belonging to the 4th Dynasty.

(Know more)

Spring Temple Buddha Statue

Lushan County, Henan,


Height: 153 metre


Built in 2008 (started in 1997), this copper statue situated on Mount Yao (also known as Mount Shiren), was dedicated to Gautam Buddha. It is the 2nd tallest in the world, after the Statue of Unity in India! This Buddha figure is located in the Zhaocun township. What's cooler is that beneath this Buddha statue lie about 6K + smaller Buddha statues!


Source: Spring Temple Buddha

There are two little buildings beneath the figure, the Diamond Seat and the Sumeru Seat respectively (learn more). The construction of these buildings hadn't sped up for quite a long time, possibly due to a low number of visitors mainly because its located in a not-so-popular Henan province of China! Let's just hope for it to get it's share of popularity!

"The statue was built after the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan."

-The Economic Times

Laykyun Setkyar

Khatakan Taung, near Monywa, Myanmar

Height: 116 metre


Yet another Buddha statue is the yellow painted Laykyun Setkyar, which is the Third tallest statue in the world. It has thirty-one levels. Laykyun Setkyar has been and is a place of worship for Buddhists.



The various paintings and religious artworks here are often admired by the visitors.

It represents Buddhism and was built between 1996 to 2008. It is also called Bodhi Ta Htaung!

Ushiku Great Buddha

Ushiku, Ibaraki,


Height: 120 metre


The Ushiku Great Buddha bronze statue (or Ushiku Daibutsu) in Japan depicts Amitabha Buddha (Amida Nyorai). It was built between 1993 to 1995 and dedicated to the pioneer of the Jodo Shinshu sect of Japanese Buddhism. Amitabha was also titled the Buddha of Infinite Light!



It is a four storey building, which also encompasses a museum.

  • Level 1, Infinite Light and Infinite Life

  • Level 2 , World of Gratitude and Thankfulness

  • Level 3, World of the Lotus Sanctuary

  • Level 4, Room of Mt. Grdhrakuta

Every year on the 15th August, a light show is held here. It is about 120 minutes away from central Tokyo. So when in Tokyo, never miss out the Ushiku Statue in your travelling list!

Guishan Guanyin

Weishan, Changsha

Hunan - China

Height: 99 metre

The Guishan Guanyin at Changsha is a figure that has a thousand hands and eyes!



It represents the bodhisattva: Padmapani (or Avalokitesvara), a person who contains the compassion of all Buddha's.

Dai Kannon of Kita


Hokkaido, Japan

Height: 88 metres

This statue is also called the Hokkaido Kannon (Byakue Kannon) and it's building began in 1989. It has about twenty levels or floors which are associated with an elevator.



Awaji Kannon

Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture


Height: 80 metre

The Awaji Kannon's situated on a five storey building. This gypsum statue, being one of the biggest statues in the world, is also known as the 'World Peace Giant Kannon' and represents the Buddhist Goddess - Guanyin.

The entire city of Modern Awaji had established in 2005.


Source: Pinterest

Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Height: 40 metre

Situated on the bank of the Tuul River at Tsonjin Boldog, the Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue (built in 2008) is direct eastwards, towards the birthplace of Gengis Khan: The founder of the Mongol Empire and, a dictator!

This steel figure basically comprises of this leader sitting on horseback, certainly riding.

The statue was designed by D. Erdenebileg and J. Enkhjargal. It was the world's tallest equestrian statue in the Guinness World Records (2016).



Christ The Redeemer

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Height: 38 metre

This is a figure of Jesus Christ: the central entity of Christian values and beliefs, simply - Christianity. It is located on a mountain in Tijuca Forest National Park.The Catholic Communities of Brazil made the proposal for a statue that represents Christ, in 1920 as a symbol of peace.

The body including the pedestal of the entire statue is mainly made of soapstone and concrete.It is the tallest art deco statue in the world. The statue has been worked on for over 9 years until it's completion and finally inaugurated in 1931. Cristo Redentor is its local name. It is also often called Corcovado statue or Christ of Corcovado.



The Guanyin of Nanshan

Hainan, South coast of an Island Province- China

Height: 108 metre

After six years of construction, The Guanyin of Nanshan was inaugurated in 2005. It signifies tranquility. It is the statue of Bodhisattva Guanyin.


It symbolises safety and well-being of China and its people. The statue is located near the Nanshan temple.

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue

Bali, Indonesia

Height: 120 metre

Designed in 1990 by Nyoman Nuarta, this figure was completed and unveiled in 2018. It is the statue of Lord Vishnu - a deity of Hinduism. At a point, it has also been criticised for its large size. It is possibly the tallest one in Indonesia. It is made of Copper, Brass and Steel. 'Garuda' is a mythical bird.



The Monument of the African Renaissance

Dakar, Senegal

Height: 49 metre

Designed by Pierre Goudiaby, it's construction started in 2006 and got completed in the year 2010. It commemorates Senegal's National Day, that is on 4th April! The Monument of the African Renaissance celebrates the advancement of Africa and African people. Some sources declare that 'corruption' has been involved in the monument's construction expenses.

"the sculpture of man, woman and child stands as a symbol of defiance and future prosperity.."

-The Culture Trip