Websites That May Change Your Life For The Better

Veronica Kuenene
Jun 05, 2019   •  10 views

Whether you want to be your own boss by starting a business or looking for volunteer opportunities or simply looking for ways to create multiple stream of income, there are great websites to help give you the platform or startup opportunities you need. Whether you an aspiring writer, musician, tech-savvy, photographer or an artist of any kind these websites cater to individual’s needs.

In random order I present website with competitions to blow your mind:

1. The startup you can't afford to miss

The title is self-explanatory; you really cannot afford to miss out on the startup competitions. The competitions provide networking opportunities, the possibility of getting investors for startup projects, great publicity, diverse culture to showcase innovative projects and talent.

2. Opportunity Desk

Established in 2012 it is a website dedicated to helping youth built a better bright future by providing information such as grants, bursaries, scholarships, fellowships, awards, mentorship programs and many more opportunities. With views of approximately 600, 000 it has provided opportunities to thousands of youths in over 200 countries since 2012. You don’t want to sleep on it!

3. International Competitions

There are only four pages on the website namely Writing, Art, Photo and Film. This website showcase competition for all creative genies in the above-mentioned categories. Whether you are a professional looking to earn more money or to take your job to the international level or an amateur learning the craft, this competition has everything you need.

4. Internshala

Founded in 2010, Internshala provides students with internship and online training in India. The opportunities also extend to women looking for a career change or simply to learn new skills. The learner gets exposure in education and training, engineering and technology to mention a few.

4. Youth Opportunities

This website aims to empower youth globally by offering opportunities such as competitions, conferences, exchange programs, fellowship, internship, scholarship, workshops and etc. It is truly a youth opportunity platform.

5. Idealist

It aims is to bring good ideas to the world/people and this is forged by providing opportunities to everyone. It aspires to make sure that no opportunity is missed and to create relationships that change lives for the better. It offers job opportunities, internships and etc.