The decision to live a celibate life does not come easy and it really does take a certain type of strength and will power to become celibate whether it is for religious purpose or it is a personal choice. The ideology of celibacy has been popular in the religious system where a devotee takes an oath to lead a celibate life but individuals do make a commitment and practice celibacy. Celibacy is described as a voluntary state of sexual abstinence, being unmarried or both. Judging from this explanation, it is evident that it does take a strong person to live a celibate life. The focus here is on the act of voluntary sexual abstinence due to how much of a taboo sexual abstinence is in the 21st century.

There are many reasons people decide to live a celibate life and whatever they are, the benefits are remarkable.Here are some of them.

1. Focusing on oneself

Any kind of sexual relationship comes with certain expectations from people involved. As if that is not enough, the pressure of multiple sex partners has one on the lookout for their next conquest and a little to no time to focus on oneself. Focusing on oneself leads to self-discovery and a healthy relationship with oneself. The “journey” to self-discovery is better walked with less distraction, a lot of solitude and a great deal amount of patience but with the busyness of maintaining a sexual relationship, the focus is shifted from oneself to sex.

2. Learn and understand intimacy

Practising celibacy as a couple or a single person sheds a light to the real meaning of intimacy. From Thesaurus Dictionary, words synonymous to intimacy include familiarity, closeness, caring, affection, tenderness and etc. Furthermore, the Oxford dictionary describes intimacy as "close familiarity or friendship" while sexual intercourse is the euphemistic description. Majority mistake intimacy for the act of sexual intercourse while in actual fact it is not. Intimacy builds friendship in a relationship, a bond and closeness that becomes a foundation which remains strong even in times of trouble. The physical part of the relationship can reinforce the intimacy but it doesn’t solely build intimacy.

3. Spiritual growth

The ancient spiritual gurus whose teachings and wisdom still apply and live on for centuries and generations long after the teacher no longer exist is proof of what celibacy does for spiritual growth. Many religions still uphold this practice to this day. During fasting periods in some religion, abstinence from sex is advised. Self-control and the ability for one to become the master of their body and not the other way around helps in making better choices and enhances empathy for other people.