Public schooling is considered a good place where students interact with their peers while learning both classroom and social tactics. However, for a long time, this type of education system has been famous for children brutality, bullying and profane abuse. Public schooling became a non-conducive environment for some students to learn and some parents opted for home-schooling.

From popular movies such as Mean Girls to popular drama series like Gossip Girl and The Big Bang Theory, the spotlight is shone on the importance of “normalcy” characterized by popularity at school and how those who are deemed unpopular suffer. Lesbians, gay bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), students also experience bullying and victimization

The adolescent stage is very important in developing strong confident adults and is the time where individuals discover their place in society, learning about their sexuality and to how to navigate life in general. Some cultures and religious beliefs are not accepting of LGBT people. This makes it difficult for LGBT students and teachers to get accustomed to the school environment without being discriminated against.

Discrimination of LGBTQ students has in the past lead to extenuating circumstances where some students were excluded from schools. Even in cases where a student isn’t excluded, there is abuse from both school authorities and students.

Adolescents exposed to this kind of discrimination are prone to poor academic performance and a variety of psychological problems leading to lack of confidence and poor self-image. As a means of survival mechanism to overcome problems such as depression and anxiety, a lot of LGBTQ students in schools seek an escape route that is sometimes harmful to themselves such as suicide attempt, alcoholism and drug abuse.

It is clear that emotional nurturing at this stage in children’s lives is very important since without proper emotional maturity adolescents grow up to be adults that may be lost societies. Lack of emotional nurturing may lead to self-destructive behaviour stemming from poor choices prompted by lack of self-esteem. Different religious systems and culture instil the type of educational foundation that may be confusing to young minds. Moreover, this increases homophobic behaviour, sexism, and discrimination against LGBTQ.