Liberating Men Will Liberate Women

Veronica Kuenene
May 22, 2019   •  10 views

“Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strength”. Men seem to have it all; the power that comes with better pay, leadership roles and all the incentives that women are deprived off but are they really that privileged? A lot of movement has risen where men have joined women to fight for gender inequality, abuse against women and children. These movements and various men organization bring to surface the emotional negligence men continue to suffer in a patriarchal society. Emotional nurturing is not balanced in both sexes and this starts from a younger age. Both men and women are prone to discrimination and abuse however, women have more emotional support distress as compared to male.

Statistics have shown that there are more women than men but the majority of perpetrators are men which gets one wondering; do men really have it all? Lack of emotional well-being and nourishment in both sexes creates all sorts of emotional battles and upheaval and unfortunately in men, it can present itself as toxic masculinity leading to abuse towards women and children, moreover, the majority of male perpetrators are educated people held in high prestige in societies.

Psychologists and all other professionals that deal with mental and emotional wellbeing have said it over and over again; an emotionally scarred individual is likely to become abusive. The alarming rate of women abuse is a sign of some trauma harboured by men because no sane human being would get pleasure in torturing and playing god with another person’s life. These men dress their wounds in tailored suit because the very society that made them incapacitate them at the sign of showing any “weakness” which isn’t a weakness but rather a sign of humanity.

The liberal movement of women to fight for equality hasn’t only helped women but males have also benefited. Feminism gave men a voice and platform to voice injustice which would have been deemed unmanly before feminism gained popularity. In some culture fathers only had a relationship with their sons and mothers only with daughters, however, over the years this has changed as feminism facilitated the ability for men to show their feminine side which is trumped by society.

Liberating men liberate women because the physical strength that men possess if not channelled positively has a likelihood to inflict harm and pain and women will be at the vulnerable receiving end to such wickedness.



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euphoric to see a much neutral approach towards the concept of equality. do see my articles as well