Travelling seems glamorous, prestigious and above all expensive. When we think of taking a trip to our dream destination the words “cost and budget” make never-ending echoes in our minds. Then there are people who are always travelling who we envy and wonder where they get the money to afford daily expenses and coveted trips almost all the time.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to rob a bank in order to explore the world. You just have to be educated with the right information. If you want to find out how you can travel at a low cost, below are few tips that can make your travelling dreams come true.

1. Book your flight “on time”

Flight expense can hike up your travelling budget and if the booking is not reserved with caution it can definitely blow your budget out of the water. Flight fares are influenced by various factors such as the country or place of destination and season which one plans to travel. When you are travelling during the holiday season, booking your flight ticket 54 weeks in advance or well on time can turn out to be a big money saver. Why? This is one of the busiest time when a lot of people travel therefore the flight price only increase. The last-minute flight reservation might end up costing you more than you have budgeted.

2. Be spontaneous

Travelling is about experience and exploring different cultures while discovering the best places in the world. If you are on a strict budget, it would benefit you to visit a place that complements your budget. Avoiding those coveted holiday destinations that cost an arm and a leg will not only save you money but will also give you a chance to travel more often.

3. Apps, Apps and more Apps

Technology makes almost everything easier and faster and with services delivery at the touch of a button, travelling can be cheaper. Your device can be a money-saving tool if you load it with appropriate apps. Apps will help you from the moment you decide to take a trip out of your city until you make it back home. These maybe apps to compare flights prices, other transport fare and accommodation also language translation apps and etc. Apps can become very handy and in turn, save you money.

4. Be savvy with accommodation

Accommodation is another expense that can throw off your travelling budget and to minimize this expense there are various ways to tackle this.

  • Select a destination where you can volunteer in different areas such as animal care, marine conservation and so on. This allows you to get a discount on accommodation since you stay at a place where you volunteer.

  • Reserve accommodation out of the city hotel or motels. Inner city accommodation costs more, therefore, to stick to your budget you have to be cautious about inner-city accommodation.

  • You can also visit a place you have friends and relatives or opt for swap houses like the movie The Holiday where Kate Winslet and Cameroon Diaz characters swap houses.

5. “Brown bag it”

Whether you are travelling on a budget or not daily meals are a necessity. The best way to cut food cost is to prepare your own snacks. Avoiding food served on the plane or the airport restaurant can be a big money saver. Also packing your own snacks while doing your site seeing will guarantee you travel on a budget. This can be achieved by renting accommodation with a kitchen where you can be able to prepare your meals.

6.Don’t travel alone

Travelling with a companion whether it is a partner or friend can save you on accommodation, inner city transport, food and so on. It is not only a money saving scheme it will also help with safety in case of hitchhiking and sightseeing at night.



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