You would be surprised, if I tell you that from 1930 to 1950, Cigarettes were considered good for health. Aren’t you? Ok. Let me tell you story of Cigarette.

Story of Cigarette

Cigarette was born in the 9th century, when it was consumed in form of reed and smoking pipes in Central America. Slowly it travelled to Mexico, Caribbean, South America, and North America and grew up as a matured adult. But the journey didn't stop there and it travelled to the whole world. Cigarette received its' name in France, where it became the central hub of production. In starting of the 19th century several research came in light which showed a relationship between lung cancer and cigarettes. Afraid of losing business, the tobacco companies stared promoting it as healthier products which helps in throat infection. And the companies used physicians in advertisements to back their claims. Later, around 1950 more researches proved the cigarettes are the cause of different kinds of Cancer. But till this time people had already started liking cigarettes and became addicted to it.

Is Smoking Harmful?

Several researches have shown that, Smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer. Many other cancers are often results of smoking. Studies show that smoking causes 84% of death from lung cancer and 83% of death from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

One myth associated with smoking is that, occasional smoking is safe and does not have any harmful impacts. But the fact is that, even smoking 1cigarette a day have the same impact over the body as smoking on a regular basis. Smoking triples the risk of dying from lung cancer and increases the risk of heart diseases. Other harmful effects of smoking are breathing problems, permanent mucus, smelling breath, skin weakness.

How to Quit?

have you ever seen a patient of Mouth cancer? If not then Google and see the pictures. Mount cancer happens mainly because of tobacco consumption and smoking. I wonder if someone would want to die in such a horrible way. I believe this reason is enough for someone to quit smoking. Now the question is HOW?

So, honestly, there is no way to quit smoking other than just quitting. There is no medicine, no home remedy, no exercise, no yoga, and no meditation. You have to just quit it. What does it mean is that you need to be determined that you don't want to have such a horrific death. Those who have successfully done it may have different reasons to quit, but the way to quit is only one. Determination. Yes, there are ways to suppress the need of Nicotine when you quit smoking. There are some herbal cigarettes, nicotine chewing gum, and there are few home remedies also. Eating salt is the best home remedy if you feel the strong urge of smoking.

What happens when you quit smoking?

Now there are misconceptions, that, you may face serious nicotine withdrawal issues if you are a chain smoker and quit smoking at one go. Hence, one should quit slowly and gradually. I promise that no one dies by quitting smoking. Yes, you may face some heart-burning, acidity and madness because of the urge of Nicotine.

The seriousness of Nicotine withdrawal depends on you. It's psychological. If you will believe that you will not be able to handle the nicotine withdrawal, you will not be. And if you believe that it's not a big deal, then it will not be. So, what happens when you quit smoking? Obviously, you start recovering. Our body is such a magical ecosystem that it has the capability to heal itself and so it does when you quit smoking.

The time required to recover depends on the damage you have done. It may take 5-10 years to fully recover. But yes, after a sufficient amount of time no traces of smoking are left in the body. Risk of lung cancer or any other cancer drop to level of non-smokers. Risk of Heart diseases also drops. Breathing improves stamina increases and whatever you lose because of smoking goes away. Effectively you become a non-smoker.

Here is a timeline of the benefits of quitting smoking.

The most important benefit of quitting smoking is that you get free from a slavery. You no more smoke when Nicotine asks you and that is something to feel proud of which smokers cannot do. You will feel more confident now as you will also improve on your looks. Better skin and increased confidence make you attractive.

So, quit now there is no right occasion for quitting. The earlier the better.

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