Hair Style

Body Building

Life style

Bollywood is giving all this to society with no thought how is it going to affect the people. Nowadays, the youth is blindly following Bollywood. Be it hairstyle, body fitness, and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong in following something but doing it blindly without giving it a thought that if it is right to do, is something which we need to worry about. People have started taking ideas from Bollywood to do crimes. Best ideas for robbing, kidnapping and murdering come from Bollywood only.

What is wrong?

  1. Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Pubs, Dance

  2. Sex and Vulgarity

  3. Unintentional Abusing and FUCK

  4. Violence

  5. Western Dressing Style (Bikinis, shorts, Bras)

  6. Love is no more love. Relationship with multiple girls cool.

  7. Foreign Destinations (in songs)

  8. Money centered

  9. Non-practical stunts

  10. Unrequired bike and car racings

These things may not be wrong to show, but when people start following it, they have negative impacts on society. We rarely would want girls in Bikinis on the Indian roads. We don't wish teenagers to smoke weed in public places. These things are cool when they are on the reel and not in real.

What has changed?

Earlier movies were the source of entertainment and for commercial purpose. People used to watch, enjoy and then forget. But now people do not go to watch a movie, rather they watch the characters, activities, habits of actors, and hot girls. Now the audience looks for content in the movie and not the learnings or entertainment. They are now entertained by actors smoking weeds, picking girls, hot girls roaming on the beach, etc. Recent release movie shows how the actor becomes obsessed with the girl, he was in love with and then he started taking drugs, drinking alcohol. Now, this looks cool. So, every time a teenager will go through a breakup, he will have alcohol and drugs to get into a relationship with and become cool at the cost of own health.

Is any good left?

There have always been movies which had a storyline, learnings and you can watch with your family. Andaz Apna Apna, Baghwan, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Tare Zameen PE, etc. Movies based on journals like Patriotism, Family, Talent, and Sports are always good. But the reason these movies are not produced much because they do not generate good revenue. Still, there are few actors/actresses who prefer good script over good business. There are directors who want to give something to society rather than just taking money from them.

Insisting again, following Bollywood movies or actors/actresses is not wrong but following them blindly is wrong. We need to see for ourself if something is good for us and society and if it is, it definitely should be followed. There is always a need for movies like I am Kalam, Rang De Basanti, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Oh My God and Tare Zameen Par. Let's make the Bollywood industry to bring positive change in society and youth.