“Maybe the world was too big or she was too small to comprehend the sophisticated scroll of this world. – Ayush Shekhar”

She peeked through the corner of the wall of the busy ward of the hospital. No one was paying attention to her so she tipped toed her way out of the room. Even amma was asleep! She hopped and skipped around the long busy corridors often stopping and looking at it was an adventure for her.

She stopped by the water cooler located in the corner of the yellow painted wall with red mess at the bottom. It was for sure hot this summer and the cemented floors did lose off more heat than the kuccha lands back home. She touched the water cooler. It was cold and her little palms got wet and cold. She patted her face with the water to let the heat off her plump face. The cooler gave a funny rumble and started working back again. She giggled and went on with her little adventure again.

She stopped again by a weird looking man sleeping on the ground. He looked scary but still his face was funny. She ran away from him as soon he gave a glance to her.

Off she was on her sporty legs and small body amongst the rush of people in the hospital!

She moved aside into an alley with an outlet room that looked like some shop. She wondered if they sold candies and toffies she used to buy from chacha’s store back home. Only white and blue and green tubes and bottles could be seen. Packages being handed in brown and gray wrappers… She couldn’t really say if they sold any chocolates she liked. She moved on again towards the inside of the hospital. She must explore more!!

Randomly walking around, she found an open space, a park perhaps with benches and dogs and puppies!

The red and blue steel benches on which she jumped around. She petted and played with the puppies. It has been sometime since she has felt such happiness. After sometime she found that the puppies returned to the mother sitting in the corner of the park…

She then remembered about Amma! She must be waiting for her.

she might even be worried!

She must find a way back to amma, to the room with so many beds and people around. She might even be angry if she woke up and found her missing.

The fears weakened her spirit of excitement. And her hands and head started paining like before. She was shaken but her spirit was intact to return back to amma. She entered one of the gates that led into the building and started walking in a direction.

The smell of the samosas did meet her but she kept walking too scared and in pain to notice the delicacies around.

She turned right and left and right again. The corridors were long and the walks were tiring. The corridor was empty with a sense of impending disaster. She passed a turn and felt a presence. A tall figure standing and staring her with a sickle like thing in his hand. He sure was scary!! The man pointed at her and she raced her way towards the faint noise of her mother calling. She finally entered the room where someone looking like her was laying in the arms of her mother while Amma cried! She extended her arms without a word only to be sucked into the body.

“How long will you keep the child in ailing pain?” asked one of the death spirit to the Grim Reaper.

“I don’t know. Her days are sure numbered as the medicines are not working and there is no doctor attending her. Furthermore, I feel it’s a pity to take such a lively spirit out of this mortal world. Perhaps not humans but humanity needs a chance.

She will live another day…” said the Grim reaper slicing the spirit of an old man to mist as it left the body.

The girl was given medicines for pain and fever that the doctors prescribed four days ago. The girl ached in pain but went back to sleep in a little while...

It has been four days since the doctors went on strike demanding something from the government about their security as one of the doctors was hurt by the patient relatives. They have been protesting outside the hospital. She has seen a lot of pain and deaths around here in this ward as doctors were injured and pushed out of the hospital to demand their basic right... "to live." The sight of the inability is harsh and sad. She couldn’t be more worried as she looked on her daughters face and saw death sucking life from her angel. She prayed and hoped that doctors return fast and cure her daughter. She got distracted by the crying of the relatives of the old man who perhaps was dead.

The Grim Reaper glanced over the room and left this realm with a sigh.


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