It is said that humans are the ultimate creature on this planet, having the capability to achieve anything and can change impossible to possible. With time men evolved themselves and their surroundings. Changed from rugs to tux, simple wheel to sky kissing planes, moved from land to space, earth to mars, hiding in caves to living in skyscrapers and many other numerous achievements made humans what they are today ‘The Ultimate Being’ on the planet.

To achieve this level of living terms which helped the process of evolution throughout were innovation and technology. It can also be said innovation gives birth to a technology and both go on parallel.

Technology (in Greek called “Science of Crafts”), a word which means bringing up innovation, creativity and science to real life practical purpose. The main purpose of technology is to simplify our daily life purpose, save time and improvise way of living. But then, there arises a question ‘Will the ease in living given to men suppress his power of innovation and creativity?

Technology was brought up as a solution but now it is becoming an addiction. Every work we do we prefer taking input of a piece of technology without thinking for an alternate way to do that particular work. With this kind of action we are limiting our capabilities to achieve something great. Let for an example a project or task is given to a person, the thought which strikes him first for completion is “Let’s Google it” instead of having a thought of how to do that task in new and innovative way. This situation will always be there when almost every second person has access to wide available information network without any restrictions.

Now let us move towards the technology which is trying to make machines work like humans. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the advanced version of technology which emphasizes the creation of machines which could react and work like humans. Some activities that these machines could do are:

·Voice recognition
·Face recognition
·Problem solving
·Planningand many other features.

Machines which can perform these activities are called Robots. If robots are allowed and programmed to do that a human can do then that days are not far when robots will take over and all humans will just lie down like animals with no purpose. With increasing use of AI unemployment rate will increase and many resources will come to an end.


Development in technology is a good aspect but should be at a level from where it can be controlled. Human mind is palace of creativity and innovation nothing should try to destroy it.