Here’s another take at a poem of my own describing the struggles and ill-treatments that a women goes through , all around the world, throughout her life.


“OH ! She’s not chaste.

Why? What’s wrong?

She was Raped.”

​She was a damsel in disguise,

The star of daddy’s eyes.

Whether delicate, bold or strong,

People always treated her wrong.

As a toddler, she was left with daddy’s friend

Cuddling the five year old, he touched her “private space”

Too young, she couldn’t understand,

She cherished the love she got at the uncle’s hand.

A few years passed, the contours blazed

And then she noticed her cousin’s ogling gaze.

Dilemmatic she confided in her mother,

“You must bemistaken ,he’s your brother.”

Next day, alone at home ,the cousin set

Captured in that suffocating embrace, she kicked and shrieked till out of breath.

A bell rang ,the perpetrator shifted,

Grinning wickedly ,said “ you’re well fitted”

The scene shifted ,in her lover’s arm,

She rejoiced the promises he made.

“ I’ll love you angel till I take my last breath”

He offered her a drink, she accepted.

Suddenly she felt a screeching pain in her head.

Excusing themselves, he took her to a room,

She resisted ,fought back but was too frail.

Lying there like a corpse on its hearse ,she sobbed,

“ But,oh , you promised to love me till your last breath”

The people whispered ,the stares gave her chills

“ Why did she drink? Why did she go with a boy?”

Listening to all these meaningless lines late,

She concluded that she deserved this fate.

An employed woman, she had passed the “marriageable age”

The relatives gossiped ,the neighbours added fuel age.

Then came the twenty – seventh “rista” ,the groom’s side enquired ,

The neighbor exclaimed,

“You want to marry your son to that woman?

Is there a problem?

Oh !She’s not chaste

Why ?What’s wrong?

She was RAPED”.