Here, I'll be doing a completely different wrytup all together and write instead a small attempt at a poem of my own :

Amidst the hullabaloo of the spectators,

Here I stand bound with fetters.

Listening to my friend, the jackal, speak,

"Only if we were a man, we would not have been so weak.

Our legs in the shackles, bodies imprisoned.

And then, here in the circus, the king of the jungle, they call me.

I, the lion, who performs here every night,

Oh! So powerful ! Yet cannot speak of his plight.

Mind wavering, I reply to my friend,

"Oh ! Look at the hypocrisy of these men.

They imprison our bodies in these chains,

Only to satisfy their egos, but all in vain "

Out from the Dias, I hear my call,

The king of the jungle is out to perform after all.

I hear the audience rise and applaud,

My master will now instruct me of his own accord.

He frees me of my manacles but I'm in the cage,

He takes out a stick and instructs me to jump through fire.

To show him who's the master and his ire,

I roar and roar , till every human prays to the mighty sage.

He shows me the stick and orders me to obey

But I growl and growl till he is lost in dismay.

Hearing my voice, my friend jackal joins me.

Following his cue all the other animal stories break free.

Running to save their lives from these brainless beasts,

They are calling for backups, to cage us once again , in the streets.

Seeing our power, the humans are scared

But the rebellion in our hearts is already highly flared.

" We want our FREEDOM, we want our jungles.

We want our homes and we want to LIVE FREE "



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But who os the admin of this site. I have read this poem atleast ten times and my view is not counted. It is still showing 0.
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Very nice. A more interesting aspect of your writing is coming out as a poem. Beautiful.