Top Five Desi Snacks One Must Try!!!

Jul 21, 2019   •  34 views

Since ages we have been feasting on videsi snacks like burgers, pizzas , pastas, noodles etc. These have always come to our rescue when we were hungry. These snacks though not originated in india are prefered by most of us(indians) because they are not only pocket friendly but delicious too. But did you know that there are snacks which are pure desi that are budget friendly and a mere glance at these makes your taste buds dance in anticipation?!.

well ,here are top 5 desi snacks that you must give a shot

Chole bhature

this snack took its birth in Punjab and is an all time favourite of all the north-indians and the south-indians too.You will find this being served in almost all restaurants and is taken both as a snack and breakfast. This dish is a combination of spicy chick pea prepared in a spicy concotion and fried bread known as bhature made of maida flour. One can customize the bhature with various fillings like aloo ,paneer etc and is usually taken with lassi which is supposed to be the best companion of chole bhature. This dish is not only scrumptious to feast on but is also budget friendly!

Vada pav

This snack hails from maharshtra and is loved by all the maharshtrians from children to elders. You will find this being sold in every nook and corner, and every small and big hotel of Maharashtra. This is a very simple dish made of aloo dumpling (vada) and bun (pav). The aloo is deep fried and is sandwiched between a pav . This is usually served with freshly cut onions and raw green chillies! This is the most pocket friendly snack one must try.

Paya shorba

Ditch the good old corn soup, hot and sour soup and give this royal cuisine a try ! It instantly goes into your most favourite snack ! one has to visit an irani hotel to relish the true essence of this cuisine.This originated from the union of south and central asian cuisines and later was espoused by muslim cooks of south asian continent. This later became a popular dish in India and other countries.The soup is prepared by sauteed onions and garlic, where a number of curry-based spices are then added to the meat and bones. This is served with lemon and fresh mint leaves and ginger.


This is a replica of the modern snack "frankie/rolls". Though this originated in Turkey, it is one of the most savoured snacks in India. This is prepared by wrapping slices of seasoned and marinated lamb/mutton/turkey/chicken which are roasted till they are crispy in a fried bread and is usually taken with sauce , tomatoes and onion slices. One bite of this makes you want more !


This snack is a native of Gujarat and is believed to be invented in the 1960's in kutch.
This is an all time favourite of gujarati's and comes at a very reasonable price! This is a peppery snack prepared by mixing boiled potatoes with a paste like thing called dabeli masala,this combination is stuffed in what is called as burger bun and is taken along with dips made from tamarind, date, garlic, red chilies, etc. This dish became an instant hit with people from all over India especially in states like Telangana,Karnataka and Rajasthan!