Habits For Highly Effective People

Ananya Gupta
Jun 25, 2019   •  59 views

Habits are behavioral response to stimuli. Not all habits are easily formed; especially the good ones. Bad habits, even changed, will still leave an indelible mark on your character.It should be remembered that formation of habits is slow and imperceptible.

Both good habits and bad habits are formed by peer group influence and /or environment. Forming bad habits are dangerous and extremely harmful. Everything we do happens to be a part of our habit formation. The ability to form good and bad habits lies within us. Habits have their origin in repetition, practice and regularity. If we do not practice and repeat a habit we feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Why some are able to change their habits in a lightening second and other are not able to do in ages?

The answer lies in their level of self - awareness, correct perceptions of reality and using Dopamine(chemical that induces pleasure).

Dopamine plays a crucial role in forming addictive habits. Bad habits are usually formed in those circumstances where it is easy to seek pleasure by which you are also able to avoid painful or disagreeable experience. Good habit benefits body and mind.

The Zeigarnik Effect highlights a compulsive need to complete. Since unfinished activity gives anxiety, it is important to focus on an activity and stick to it till its completion. If you start it, finish it. Don't leave it in between. This is an important growth habit you need to inculcate in your personality.

Unfinished tasks use large amount of mental resources by occupying and blocking premium space but refusing to go away until you finish it. You need to rewire your brain to seek completion, as it takes you to resolution of tension and ads to the feel - good factors.

Forming Success Habits

• Unfinished task will hang heavy in your brain causing you less space for focusing and contracting on new activity.

• Some habits of highly successful people worth inculcating in you:

• Be extremely hard working.

• Do the extra work with a smile, even when you don't get paid.

• Never look at your watch and work.

• Work till you complete, so that your mind stays calm and you can sleep peacefully each night.

• Focus on the most important goal.

• Never spend more time on something that can be completely avoided.

• Concentrate 100%, you will finish it faster than the rest.

Good Habits and Success

• Go hand in hand.

• Good habits determine your level of efficiency.

• They make you indispensable and irreplaceable, which would give you the ultimate sense of job security and satisfaction.

Habits are formed by repetition. Once the habits are formed, it is difficult to shake them off. Begin a new habit with a firm resolution. If you make a start with a firm determination, it often carries you along and fixes the habit.We must be open to new ideas, to new methods.

It is better to nip the bad habit in the bud itself.


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