Procrastination Or Motivation: The Choice Is Yours

Tulika Singhal
Apr 02, 2019   •  651 views

Life is full of challenges and hard work . We all work for a certain motive or desire. Every action of ours is to fulfil a certain requirement. We have our goals attached to everything that we do. But sometimes we fail to accomplish those targets and sometimes we get success.

Well it all depends on how much important the work is to you. It is all about priorities but sometimes it also happen that we lack behind in completing our important task too. Suppose you have a presentation tomorrow. You know that this is very important to you but still you don’t do anything. In spite knowing the consequences you are ready to take the risk for it. This situation comes under procrastination.

Procrastination is something when you delay your work . it is the voice in your mind to leave it for tomorrow. But ‘tomorrow never comes ‘. You keep on postponing it. You don’t do it even if the submission date comes nearer to you. It may be called your laziness or it can be said that you lack motivation.

Motivation is the tool which helps us to overcome this procrastination. Motivation is required in life to perform certain activities. Motivation can come to you by self realising or by others. Motivation is required in every field and emergence of procrastination can spoil your motivated spirit anywhere.Procrastination always pull you back. It is the thief of Time.

You can identify whether you are a motivated or procrastinated by considering these points:

Qualities that show you are a procrastinated person-

1.You are not able to meet your deadlines.
2.You don’t care about your projects and leave them to the last date.
3.Even when last day comes, you don’t want to do it. You leave it even knowing that its consequences can harm you.

4.Instead of focusing on completion of your task, you try to cook stories so that you could be given another chance.

5.Your all works always are there in to-do list
6.You also break down in mental and physical pain because of works.
7.Sometimes you complete the task just for the sake of it which can be identified from your work.

Qualities that show you are a motivated person-

1.Set your goals and take every work seriously.
2.You start working on your projects, keeping in mind the deadlines.
3.You put your efforts which are reflected in your project.
4.Mostly you are able to complete your projects before the deadlines and there are rare chances that you miss your deadlines.

5.You work effectively and efficiently and don’t take this any burden.
6.Motivated person is always up to take challenges and is able to perform better every day.
7.You don’t quit, and fight till very end.

If you fall in motivated category then you are going in the right direction but if you identify more with the procrastinated qualities then this is alarming tone for you. Turn procrastination into motivation by realising worth and starting everything from today itself.