Best Budget Gaming Phone| Is It Worth ?

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Aug 07, 2019   •  23 views
No Compromises in the 'PERFORMANCE'


Under a new brand called “Poco”, Xiaomi hopes to disrupt the flagship smartphone market with Poco phones in the same way their budget Redmi phones once did at a price of Rs. 20,999 in India.


DISPLAY: 6.18-inch IPS multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 2246 x 1080 pixelsresolution.


ROM: 128GB


PROCESSOR: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

CORES: Octa Core

BATTERY: 4000 mAH lithium-ion battery with quick charge 3.0






In an era where every premium flagship smartphone sports some form of glass and metal body, Poco has opted for a good old polycarbonate plastic as their material of choice. The front is covered by Gorilla Glass 3. Not the toughest out there, but still, it’s good to know there’s some level of protection on board.


The Poco F1 is using a 6.18-inch IPS LCD panel supplied by Chinese display maker Tianama. The panel itself is very good quality and one of the better LCD panels we have seen so far. Colors are vibrant and true to life and the contrast ratio is excellent as well for an LCD panel. Viewing angles are also impressive and even when viewed at off angles, there’s no noticeable color shifting. The display is calibrated to sRGB color space and offers accurate color reproduction. There’s no support for wider color gamut like DCI-P3, but on the plus side, it does support HDR content. The maximum brightness in manual mode is 450nits. While in the automatic mode, as well as when viewing HDR content, it can go up to 500nits. The front is covered by Gorilla Glass 3. Not the toughest out there, but still, it’s good to know there’s some level of protection on board.


One of the highlights of the Xiaomi Poco F1 is its powerful gaming performance, and while we know about the Adreno 630’s raw capabilities, an OEM’s implementation also plays an important role. The company has incorporated what they’re calling a “LiquidCool” system (a copper heat pipe) to spread out excessive heat from the processor to other regions when running intensive workloads such as gaming. The idea itself isn’t as novel as Poco would like you to believe. It’s a common practice among high-end devices, and we have already seen OEMs like Samsung, Sony, and Razer making use of copper heat pipes in their devices. That said, it’s still a nice perk to have in this price range, but whether it fulfills its purpose, we’ll find out in the next section.

Now "PUBG MOBILE"is one of the trending games. That "POCO F1" handles the game much easier in "EXTREME HDR" graphics too.


All in all, the Poco F1 performes impressively and well beyond our expectations.When compared to one plus 6, it gives all the performance. But coming to the build quality it lags behind. At this price we should make compromises on built quality, but it is beast in the gaming and overall performance.



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