Sources Say That Facebook Will Rebuild Both Whats App And Instagram

Tirtha Gupta
Aug 10, 2019   •  9 views

Facebook revealed it's changing the applications name to better reveal its ownership of its two most famous apps, Instagram and WhatsApp. Instagram is soon to be known as “Instagram from Facebook," while WhatsApp is going to become “WhatsApp from Facebook."

Although the social media giant seems to be preparing to take his bag to two of its significantly less disturbed subsidiaries, WhatsApp and Instagram, despite a seemingly endless wave of continuous government relations crises for Facebook.

This is an audacious move, especially since users don't feel as worried as Facebook about Instagram and WhatsApp's privacy. More surprisingly, the Federal Trade Commission has carried out anti-trust investigations into its purchases, and the date for the change in name appears unusual.

Facebook appears to speed up the integration of its messaging applications, and rebranding could be a first step towards a unified environment. The Instagram Direct team will join the Massenger team and further highlight a more prevalent strategy for messaging via Facebook services. In fact, it also rearranges its inner reporting systems.

On Friday, at The Information, reporters found out about the rebranding attempt, which was then confirmed by Facebook officials.

According to those sources, the name of the app will remain the same on your home screen, but the names of the people who first download it will change in the App store-a move previously made by Oculus, the virtual reality division.

Instagram and WhatsApp — probably the former much more than the latter — have mainly managed to sideline some of the associative repercussions of the huge mountain of Facebook bullshit, regardless of whether it was linked to antitrust inquiries, privacy concerns, safety problems, etc. And of course, a decent proportion of customers know that these applications are owned by a business that has not yet demonstrated that it can manage even some authority of its own. However, it will definitely not help adding such specific links between Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp.