Summer is already here and it is the time to go gaga over the search of perfect pair of the shoe between comfort, style and being on-point. A good pair of shoe can definitely make anyone’s day and uplift our mood. There are unlimited types of women's shoes that define their grandeur, but some of them definitely need to be in every woman's wardrobe so they can never fail to sway the world with their prodigious style.

To find out which shoes are best for them, we have curated one of the best women's guides. It's high time you put away your daily flip flops and increase your style quotient by adding these fresh fancy footwear to your wardrobe. It's up to you to kill that outfit with a perfect couple of heels or a couple of cool sneakers without a wonderful couple of footwear.


It is possible to wear the most comfortable flat sandals with anything anywhere. It's certainly a must-have for every female out there. Daily wear that is both debonair and easy to wear at the same time. They have an infinite range of flats— whether colorful pom-poms or tassels — with whatever outfit you can style. It is best for informal wear!


The shoe belongs to sliders this summer. This has become a common road style with the millennial since the Kardashian slipped into one. Remember the rubber slippers that you used to wear to lounge around at home when you were in high school? Yes, you won't let your mom leave the house the same ones. Indeed, scratch that you wouldn't be caught dead in them in public! Ironically enough, the trendiest slippers appear to be this spring and summer. Originally manufactured by Adidas, more commonly known as sliders, this slide on a shoe is now seen in every shoe store and at every girl's foot.


These days, Kohlapuris is going solid. Every woman should opt for an ideal day out with a couple of colorful Kohlapuris. The Kohlapuris has been in the trend for quite some time now, but they still do not seem to be overcome by people. You cross any street in Pune, they're all over the place in whatever color you'd like them to be. They're a sight, and when I see them, their shape catches my eye. Kohlapuris are favorite with people of all ages, handcrafted, eco-friendly and intricately designed and attractive from all walks of life to both men and women. Because of the traditional design and ethnic look, they are perfect for formal wear, but the comfort and durability they provide is also good for daily use.


The Jutti is reported as being first used back in the 16th century by Indian kings. These variants were elaborate, strongly covered with gold, silver, pearls, and gemstones. However, with time, the Jutti was significantly toned down to better fit the general public. Amritsar and Patiala and other cities such as Ludhiana, Fazilka, Faridkot, and Abohar are the main centers of Punjabi Jutti making.

The Punjabi Juttis have returned in fashion today, and how! This trend is not your usual retro fad that vanishes after a short upsurge; it's secure to say the Jutti revolution is here to remain. This feeling owes much of its achievement to designers and manufacturers thinking out of the box to produce designer jutti collections that swing from elegantly ethnic to eyeball-grabbing Bohemian comfortably. This flexibility of a single type of shoes seamlessly blending with a varied wardrobe, from a tee-and-jeans look to a wedding outfit, has made the concept of Western footwear the ultimate answer and the only choice for any occasion challenging many.

The Jutti revolution made the world of fashion sit up and notice. While there is still plenty of room for innovation and there is no denying the enormous quantity of allure towards Jutti internet space to further its reach. And why don't you! Juttis appear to be the perfect fit for a broad range of clothes; whether it's a casual day out with the women, a drink and dance night, or a complex wedding affair. With a beautiful pair of Juttis you can never go wrong!


When we first place a shoe we enjoy on an It girl's or fashion blogger's foot, our first idea is that we want it in our own closets — no, need it. But quickly, and in its location, does that lustful sensation fade? The fact these boots are likely to be awkward and most definitely difficult to stroll in.

There's a silver lining, though: comfy-cute sets of sneakers just as much the fashion audience loves. While sneakers have always discovered excellent boys’ enthusiasts, females have lately shown themselves to be true sneakerheads as well. Many females have exchanged their stilettos for informal footwear, increasingly searching for convenience.

They know that equality can also be accomplished by embracing plain soles in the workplace in the aftermath of the #Me-too motion.


It's no wonder that this year loafers will be a big hit. I realized I wasn't quite convinced if this fashion was for me after lusting over a pair. They're a little male but I enjoy this style's juxtaposition coupled with more feminine parts. Also in the finest manner, they shake up roots!

Probably this is not the first and last time we are discussing our loafers fascination. We can't get enough of how stylish, convenient and chic these fancy slip-on are at the same moment. We can't assist it, but when talking about loafers, we always get a retro, preppy-chic vibe. We appreciate that this old shoe design is advanced yet simple to go. So besides painting our mules and loafers with jeans, now and then we would like to get away to the loafers ' ' origins.' With classic loafers and dressy pants and a blazer, or pencil skirt and blouse, create super chic looks.

We were more than pleased to speak to you about our summer foot-wear fascination. And let's be frank. After reading this style report, you feel us completely, don't you? So what do you expect? Go scoring your favorite pair of loafers or sandals or else sneakers. And remember. This is a shoe with everything you can fashion, so you can build a private setting!



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