Fun things to do in Hampi

According to me, it’s nearly unimaginable for me to explain Hampi of centuries because I know that I can't do justice to this location just by writing a few lines in appreciation. Visiting India and back to some incredible monuments, Hampi is severely one of the best locations. In Hampi, there are so many activities to do that you're going to crave to stretch your period here!

It's like going on a film screen or teleporting away in a little span of a moment. The GIANT rocks strewn around Hampi had me dreaming of animals landing on them while the palm trees were swinging overhead. The massive amount of complex imposing Hindu temples on fertile sandy soil had me foreseeing Shiva walking around getting a smoke.

What's Hampi about?

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Karnataka, India, about 7 hours by overnight bus from Bangalore or 10 hours from Goa. Unlike Stonehenge, where the appeal is in a tiny region, the appeal is the full city of Hampi. Hampi's kind of nowhere in the center.

The mountains and rocks surrounding Hampi created the history of India's Kings a wonderful refuge. Many fights have been battled here, and here have been published many significant phrases from the wealthy part of India. We all know Hampi is a wonderful location to explore. Every tourist coming here should tour the major places, mostly Hampi's remains. The site has to see the most incredible locations.

But what else can be achieved besides sightseeing? How can you really appreciate your journey and the location? Well, we've placed together all the pleasant and exciting methods you can appreciate a vacation in Hampi to learn more about this post. Here's our manual to Hampi's finest stuff to do during a townvacation.

From Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Goa, one can easily reach Hampi by boarding a bus. From Bengaluru, it requires about 7 hours and from Goa, it takes about 8-10 hours. There are several numbers of bus facilities from Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Goa to Hampi offering daily transportation. Hospet, which is well linked by Indian Railways, is the nearest railway station. You can take an auto ride from there to the Hampi Bus stand, which is about 6 km from Hospet. Or go on a bus! KSRTC works daily from Hospet to Hampi until 8 p.m. Bellagavi and Bellary are the closest airports.

The most desirable and ideal time to visit this beautiful place is from October to March.

Things to be done in Hampi:

Visit Temples

At first, what I would like to mention is that it will be an injustice to the place if you do not visit the temples and ruins of Hampi. The shrines are visited by a must-do activity in Hampi. Most of them were constructed in the 15th century and are now in ruins. The Temple of Vittala is the greatest to see. You can also visit Hampi's amazing Krishna Temple. There are also some beautiful ancient temples in the Hampi Bazaar. Visiting temples is a must-do activity in Hampi. During the 15th century, most of them were built and now lie in ruins. The Temple of Vittala is the best that can be seen. You can also visit the amazing Hampi Krishna Temple. There are some nice old temples in the Hampi Bazaar too..

Take a Coracle through the river

Taking a river trip on a ship is excellent as well as a refreshing way to spend your vacation at Hampi. These round cane ships are called Coracles and since the fifteenth century, they have been consistently a significant means of transport in Hampi. You can get to the other side of Hampi, a new experience, where you can just relax for a day or two.

Going on a Cycling tour

If you are not intending to walk around the places, then rent a bike and take the paths to most of Hampi's ruins. Cycles are accessible on a daily basis for rent. Before you hire a cycle, you'll have to pay a premium and negotiate with the cycle rental business.

Some operators arrange cycle paths in Hampi, it's the best way to discover the town as you're not only getting to learn about Hampi's best locations, but you can also enjoy some physical activities as you cycle through picturesque spots. Trust me it’s a heavenly feeling to cycle through the paths of Hampi.


Adventure sports in Hampi is something you will appreciate for sure. There are many enormous rocks in the town of Hampi where the adventure sport called bouldering takes place.

Those who are much experienced at this sport, frequently visit the site to do some bouldering. Moreover, bouldering is one of the many other reasons why Hampi is so frequently visited by the people and more or less recognized as one of the loveliest tourist spots in India. Less skilled people can book a class to learn how to appreciate Hampi's sport.

Watching sunset from Monkey Temple

The sunset is the topmost ideal thing you will experience from your Hampi visit. Although from nearly anywhere in Hampi you can watch the sunset, the Monkey Temple is the best place. The temple is on Anjana Hill, so from a height, you can get amazing sun opinions. With your visit here, adding a little sightseeing and definitely, you will have a soothing time to relax and chill around.

Visiting Sule Bazaar

Halfway along the route from Hampi Bazaar to Vittala Temple, there you will find a route to the right which leads to the rocks to abandon Sule Bazaar, one of the main trading centers of ancient Hampi and its reputed red-light district. It is very well maintained a near-kilometer-long stone colonnade flanking its eastern side. The lovely Achyutaraya Temple is located at the southern end of this region.

Shop at Hampi Bazar

For every shopaholic, bazar is a tempting place to experience. Hampi Bazaar is a great place to purchase spices and souvenirs. The place has a wealthy legacy and inside the ancient constructions, you can see many stores today. Most products are priced reasonably, so you wouldn't want to negotiate.