Top 6 Biriyani Destinations In Kolkata

Tiasa Biswas
Jun 29, 2019   •  38 views

Hola biriyani lovers! I'm your guide for today as I'm going to pen down "some" the most famous biriyani destinations in Kolkata! Why be late! Grab on your seats as we move around the city and taste the essence of this flavoured rice!

1. Aminia

Located at the heart of the city, New Market and having several other branches through out the city, Aminia attracts a major crowd everyday. Aminia's biriyani represents the perfect blend of spices and other ingredients that is needed to make a perfect biriyani. The mutton and chicken biryani with chicken rezalla must be tried by every biriyani lover.

2. Arsalan

Biriyani in Kolkata and Arsalan are actually synonymous. This franchise actually started a small outlet at Park Circus and now has eight outlets through out the city including the ones in Ruby Park and Hatibagan. People from different parts of West Bengal who come to the city try to visit Arsalan at least once. One can try the mutton and chicken biryani along with mutton kosha, boti kebab and phirni.

3. Oudh 1590

Oudh 1590 has very quickly included it's name in the list of the best biriyanis in Kolkata. The amazing ambience along with the Awadhi theme of the restaurant makes it a very special experience to visit Oudh and have some quality food there. The main outlet of Oudh 1590 is near Deshapriya Park. One must try the fragnant Raan biriyani,Galouti Kebab and Murgh Rezalla.

4. Dada Boudir Biriyani

Dada Boudir Biriyani, which actually looks like a family run small eatery, is popular not only among the local people but also attracts those who travel across the city for a perfect biriyani. Located in Barrackpore, this restaurant serves one of the tastiest biriyanis in the city at a very pocket friendly price. One must definitely try the biriyani with chicken chaap.

5. Nizam's

Located in the centre of the city, Nizam's Biriyani, has always attracted a huge crowd since their own beginning. Famous for the Kathi roll,The Nizam's biriyani is best enjoyed with a side of different varieties of kebabs. While going to New Market one must definitely try the famous Kathi roll as well as the biriyanis of Nizam.

6. Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Beginning with a small outlet at Mullick Bazaar this franchise now has numerous outlets through out the city. However the Park Street branch drives the majority of the crowd. Famous for the different varieties of biriyani like Hyderababi, Handi, Awadhi etc., Shiraz serves one of the best biriyanis in the city. One must definitely try the different varieties of biriyanis along with their famous chicken chaap.

My stomach is already full! But how can I miss Zoyaa's cheapest yet tasty biriyani, Mezban, Aliah, Saima etc etc etc. I've categorized my top 6. Send me your favoutites!



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Areh thank you so much
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Can't control my hunger after reading it..