Humans always keep themselves connected to the society in some or the other way.It is very important to be a part of society and being social for man.With the advancement in technology and science and the modernization of the society, the basic need of the man of being socially acknowledged and accepted is fulfilled by new mean of communication that is the 'Social Networking Sites'. The emergence of social networking through internet hs totally revolutionized the society, specially the young generation.

Social networking has proved to be a boon for this generation. Internet has a big role to play in this. The natural social networking involves media like letter, mails, telegrams etc. , but today it includes media like SMS, e-mails, scraps, chatting, MMS etc. The more popular ways of social networking is through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

Social Networking has brought people closer, interconnecting them in a virtual world. As the sharing of information has become fast through social networks, it has affected individuals of all the countries in the world.Social networking has proved to be a blessing to people who stay far but now can be in touch with their friends and family very easily. Moreover it also plays an huge part in online marketing and advertising for companies.

The world is entrapped in social networking. But just like two sides of a coin, social networking also has its flip side. The negative effects of social networking are never fully visible in the initial stages but are observed as time goes on. Due to too much of information about everyone, people may sometimes misuse it. Many cases of cyber crimes are coming up which is because of these social networking sites.

Another drawback of social networking is that people are spending most of their time on their mobile phones or on computers. Outdoor activities have become restricted which is making people lazy. Teen agers spend a lot time in these social networking sites.

Thus, social networking can be boon or bane to us, the use of it completely depends on us. Everything is harmless within a certain limit. Social networking is a double edged sword which if wisely used, can be beneficial, otherwise can lead to unpredictable circumstances, affecting one's life. Therefore its benefits should be utilized with great care.



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