Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastics and products of polymerson the Earth's surface that causes adverse effects in the environment.Now, what is there to worry about plastics, isn't it? While going to buy products from shops, we always eagerly ask for some more plastic carrybags for future use without knowing how much adversely it affects the environment. Plastic is a synthetic material that is malleable in nature for which we can mould them into several products like bags, bottles, toys, boxes, etc. Humans keep the capacity of forming each and everything out of plastic. Plastics were introduced to reduce the cost by producing economic products. But hardly did we know the consequences of extreme use of polymer products.

Plastics are non biodegradable. They decompose very slowly. Use of plastic products have increased in such a rate that after a few years, it will be difficult to find any green but only plastics all around. Production of synthetic plastic requires use of chemicals like CFC which is way harmful than it should actually be! It's still depleting the ozone layer at an alarming rate. Some plastic products are also synthesized with the help to f petroleum, which results in emission of carbon compounds that increases the global temperature gradually leading to drastic climatic changes. Though biodegradable plastics are manufactured, they are way too expensive and results in methane emissions instead of decomposition.

Many countries shamelessly dumpswaste materials into the ocean. Because, that's the only place left to spoil by humans! Plastics in ocean, do not decompose at all. Being lighter than soil and other substances, they flow around in the ocean water. This results in constant destruction of the Marine environment. Plastic decomposition effects the marine life. Fishes and other oceanic species are grossly affected due to presence of polymer and Plastic products. They are unaware of handling and it's obvious that they don't know how much harmful it is! Thousands of whales are dying due to choking by plastic bottles and bags. Fishes are dying due to plastic debris. Reports showed that around 40% of the total fishes caught everyday by fishermen in America are dead due to plastic.Sea gulls, which consumed fishes are losing their life being a part of the this food chain. They found plastic products stuck in their gills. Presence

of microplastics in the food chain is increasing at an alarming rate. Today plastic contributes to 90% of toxic oceanic waste after oil spills.

We humans have become unnecessarily so selfish that we have not only interfered into each other's personal life but also others living in the natural habitat. We have brutally chopped trees and swiped away forests leaving no place for animals and to live. We have started polluting the oceans leaving oceans covered with more debris than fishes and marine animals. Before going for shopping to a grocery shop or a shopping mall, do not forget to keep in mind that , once you dispose off that plastic for which you are paying, that can also be a part of your regular meal in it's molecular terms. So better Avoid the use of plastic bags and even stop the person who is providing you and always carry jute bags to avoid taking a SINGLE Plastic bag.

Remember, Be a part of the solution, not pollution!