I believe that food is the symbol of love when words are inadequate. You don't always need silver forks to eat good food though...Various cafès and restaurants have flourished in Kolkata since the past few years but still some specific delicacies and exquisiteness of street foods shall surely make you fall in love with the street foods of Kolkata. Not only street foods but some oldest "mini" pocket friendly restaurants shall also add a taste to your life!

1) Dacres Lane

Dacres Lane bring food directly smeared from history of Kolkata. Situated near Esplanade, this street has the stall of variety of foods starting from khichhdi to Chittoda's Suruchee's mutton rezala. This is the most pocket friendly zone that offers the tastiest foods.

2) Zakaria Street

Zakaria Street, located near Nakhoda masjid has always been a foodie's delight. You can explore varieties of kebabs, biriyani, halal and beef in every exquisite form. If you are a foodie and beef is your favourite, Zakaria Street belongs to you!

3)Golbarir kosha mangsho

Located exactly at the Shyambazar five point crossing, this is a small restaurant which offers you mutton cooked in it's bestest form. This place will leave you in tears because of it's mouth watering taste and frankly speaking, I have visited several restaurants serving Bengali cuisines but the taste of the mutton here, remains stuck to my tongue!

4)Puchkas and chaats of Vivekananda Park

Puchkas are mouthwatering indian delicacy that can be consumed in any time of the day.(at least I feel that). You can try Puchkas from any stalls across the city but Dilipda's Puchka of Vivekananda Park shall make you fall in love with this place. Not only tamarind water, but puchka and chaats are served with dahi, sweet and sour chutney, pudina water, mint leaves, bhujiyas and many other combinations are found here. Do visit and gulp in those cute little tasty crisp fried spheres of wonder!

5) Paramount Sherbets

This shop is located in College Street Area. This particular shop serves a wide variety of sherbets and juices starting from rose malai, to tender. Once you're done with your main course, visit this shop for a dreamy sip of Sherbets.

6) Paratha Gali

Paratha Gali is also located near College Street Area. As the name suggests, thus place offers stalls serving not only parathas but also kachori and masala dosa at the cheapest price you can ever imagine.

For biriyani, Dada Boudir Biriyani, near barrackpore is filled with varied culture. So as our delicacies. From bacon to pork, from mutton to chicken, anything you want is available here. It's just that you have to explore the whole cityand experience the exquisite dishes and street foods here!

Do visit Kolkata for adding a taste to your life!