We all have been in through challenging situations where we get a chance to realise who cares, and who doesn't. There's a poem where it expresses how people in our lives are similar to branches of a tree.

They resembles the leaves, branches and roots. People who are like leaves, leave. They are meant to be in our lives for a temporary period of time. Relationship with people like leaves are amazing; tender and strong. But they take more than they actually give. They offer very little support especially through troubled situation. They are never meant to be with us even in the worst situations, because when things get tough..they get easily "blown" away. These type of people doesn't affect much as we know this type of people are not necessary. They come and go like passengers on a train.

People who are like branches are like "I'm always there for you". They provoke you to realise that they are the ones. But as things get tough, they easily break off. This type of people provide such support at the beginning that you blindly trust their existence in your life and one day suddenly you realize you were wrong. Because they have always thought of themselves. Eventually these branches break off and disconnects. These types of people hurts the most. It is because they once gave you their full support, gained your trust and misused it. They don't stay beside you when you need them.

People who are like roots, form an integral part of your life. You get to understand their importance gradually. These are the friends who go through everything which you go through, every moment of happiness, despair are shared with them. They break apart with you, fall with you rise with you because they know you are similar to a tree's roots to them- the most important part. These are the friends who stays strong and broadens your foundation. When the branches break off, the leaves are bloen away, the roots hold you up. Until we are in a tough situation, you cannot realize their existence....but they are actually very few in number.

I know you'll find many similarities to my comparison because not only me but also you are facing the same thing. Fake friends are just like shadows. They stay along with you at your brightest ..most cheerful moments..but can't find any in the darkest hours. People who claim " you are my only true friend" are the most fake ones and I've come across several like them. They make you feel like they are the ones for whom they are alive today, unfortunately is fake and lie. They are the most vicious and toxic people in your whole life. Once they stop talking to you, they'll start talking about you to others. It's ironical that we spend most of our time with them and then we realize how much unworthy they are of staying with us. They go through various transformations. They "fix" a friend for a span of time, gather as much love and trust as possible and throw you off exactly when you need them and cling on someone else. They'll keep ignoring you untill they are in need of you. And our life is all about them. I feel most of the fake friends you can across in a college environment. Everyone is self-centered (which is OK) but from them only two or three like minded people turns out to be your true ones at the end. They won't pretend to be your friend but help you to identify the pretentious ones. Then you'll come to realize that Our Life is a game where there are snakes at every level. Sometimes giving them an extra chance to realise their fault is like providing them with an extra bullet to hurt you once again since they missed their first try.

Life's all about understanding the peoplebehind the mask and slapping on their face with attitude towards them in the calmest way.


Real is rare :)



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We've too many fake friends in life... Nice topic