Best Of Bengali Cuisine Serving Restaurants In Kolkata

Tiasa Biswas
Jun 27, 2019   •  53 views

People search restaurants that holds a variety of menus and serves different types of cuisines. We humans love to explore; be it food or a new place. I being a foodie also visit several restaurants across a city and explore new dishes try to make a list of which among them were remarkable. Today I shall pen down my experience at top 6 Restaurants in Kolkata which are famous for preparing authentic Bengali cuisines.

Only good food can light up any foodie's mood. But taste matters a lot. I chose Bengali cuisine for a separate cause. I feel, for a restaurant, it is more difficult to blend all the Indian spices properly specially in typical Bengali dishes. Not all places can maintain the authenticity of the food. But within the heart of our city, I have visited several restaurants and gathered the experience and rated from one to six.Here we go!

1)Oh! Calcutta

What attracted me the most about Oh! Calcutta is it's ambience. Situated near Elgin road and another outlet at JBS haldane Avenue,these restaurant offers a wide variety of Bengali cuisine starting from alu bhaja (Bengali style potato fry) to Mutton Kosha( slow cooked spicy mutton). These restaurant keeps two size of dishes: regular and large. As per requirement you can easily order from the attractive menu. Prices here seems a bit high but the quality of the food and presentation shall surely amaze you. My must try try suggestion would be kancha lonka murgi( unripe chilli chicken).Pocket pinch: 1500-2000 for two( for an optimum meal)

2) 6 Ballygaunge Place

As the name suggests, this restaurant is in Ballygaunge. The prices of the dishes absolutely coincides with the quantity. The ambience will surely make you nostalgic. They serves variety of dishes including various meat, fishes and crabs(according to the availability) What attracted me was their innovative names of refreshments and beverages. Each of the thirst breakers were named after famous streets of Kolkata. And the beverages are awarded names of some popular bengali characters. My must try suggestion would be Dhakai pora mangsho, a mutton dish that had an amazing blend of spices and cooked beautifully. The meat was soft and tasty. Pocket pinch :1000-1500 (for an optimum meal)

3) The Bhoj Company

They have two outlets, one near Dalhousie and another in new market area. But I would suggest you to visit the Dalhousie area because it's more spacious and those Jamini Roy paintings shall surely make you fall in love with the ambience. The prices are quite cheap as compared to the rest of the mentioned two restaurants. But I'm sure you won't be disappointed at all with the taste of the dishes here. The slow rabindra sangeet that keeps playing shall enhance your taste. My must try suggestion would be a starter, Moch moche murgi, a chicken fry tossled in conflour batter and cornflakes and potato fry crumps. Pocket pinch :700- 1000 for an optimum meal.

4)Koshe Kosha

Koshe Kosha have several outlets across the city starting from Hatibagan, Salt lake to Jadavpur. I've not yet visited all the outlets but The Golpark outlet is beautifully decorated. They offer a great variety of Bengali cuisines. Small detailing of the interiors attracted me the most. Quantity was optimum and my must try suggestion would be the plain Kosha mangsho. Pocket pinch: 1000-1200 for two.

5) Shaptapadi

Saptapadi is a restaurant that has a nostalgic touch with its ambience.The amazing portraits look class apart. The a-la-carte features yummy Bengali and Fusion cuisines. The chefs pamper various dishes to make sure the diners meet the nirvana of savory and taste. Every dish on the menu has a tantalizing taste and do not burn a hole in your pocket. It is an ideal place for the people who seek good food in low price. What attracted me is their way of serving in fire-baked mud plates and glasses with a lovely finishing and thalis. The ambience of this restaurant is dedicated to a famous on-screen Bengali legendary couple, Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. My must try suggestion would be the basanti pulao and chingri malaikari. Pocket pinch : 800-1300 for two.

6)Bhojohori Manna

Bhojohori Manna has several outlets across the city. I've visited the Hatibagan outlet and my experience there was not bad. What I liked about them is their way of serving on a banana leaf upon your regular plate. The quantity of the dishes were not much as the previous ones but the taste of the dishes were fabulous. My must try would be Daab chingri. Pocket pinch: 1200-1500for two for an optimum meal.

There's no end of best! Shonar Tori, Tero Parbon also stands out to be among the tp ten Bengali restaurants in Kolkata!

Share your experiences with me if you have any new encounters in the mentioned restaurants. Till then, Happy Eating!