7 Ultimate Destination For Sweet-Lovers In Kolkata

Tiasa Biswas
Jun 28, 2019   •  55 views

Have tried all the Bengali dishes? Why miss out our sweetest sweets? When I mean Bengali sweets, whether you have a sweet tooth or not absolutely doesn't matter. The alluring shapes and sizes shall make you fall in love at first sight! Kolkata sweets are as old as it's culture, yet no degradation in taste. Just that with the addition of GST the rates affected the sweet-lovers. Here I'm for easy guide map to find out the best and traditional sweet shops across Kolkata that still stands out to be the best!

1. Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick

Established in 1885 this sweet shop is one of the most renouned in Kolkata. The first outlet being in Bhowanipore, this sweet shop has several other branches all over the city including the ones at The Prince Anwarshah Road, Kasba etc. The 'Jol Bhora' sandesh is their most famous one. The list

of must try ones includes the mango gelatto sandesh and mango pie.

2. Kamdhenu

Another famous sweet seller in Kolkata is the Kamdhenu, which was established in the year 1995. Kachagolla being the most sold sweet, one must definitely try out their Baikunta Bhog and Aam sandesh.

3.Sen Mahasay

Sen Mahasay is a historical sweet shop in Kolkata and must be tried by every sweet lover. Their special sweets includes the Monohara and the Chanar Payesh.

4.Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandi

Established way back in 1844, .Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandi is another famous sweet shop which still attracts the common crowd. A pioneer of making sandesh, this shop is located near the Hedua Park. The varieties of sandesh is actually surprising, which includes the chocolate malai roll, choco toofan etc.

5.Bhim Chandra Nag

One of the most popular sweet of in Kolkata, Bhim Nag, was set up in 1826 in Bowbazar. This sweet shop is famous for inventing delicacies like Ladikeni and Ashubhog Sandesh. The mouthwatering sweets like chocolate and mango sandesh still attracts the common crowd.

6. K.C Das

Named after Krishna Chandra Das, K.C Das is another popular confectioners of Kolkata. This sweet shop is famous for the Rosogolla that even gets exported to different foreign countries. The original outlet being in Esplanade, this sweet shop now has several branches through out the city.

7.Nalin Chandra Das and Sons

Established in the year 1841 this is another popular sweet shop in North Kolkata. The butterscotch and jolbhora sandhesh are the most sold sweets. One must not forget to taste their very special Malai Roll.

Keep sending me your opinions and experiences! Till then..khane ke saath meetha zaroor khaiyega!