3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kolkata During Durga Puja

Tiasa Biswas
Jun 28, 2019   •  30 views

Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated festival in the whole world. Durga puja is the annual festival of the Bengali community ( though people from different community also eagerly celebrate this festival) and us held during the Autumn season. Nothing can actually compare to Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata. The lightse, fun and frolic doesn't allow the city to sleep for five days of this celebration. The city is adorned with themed pandals and traditional Pujos, food, friendship, long queues and creativity. This part of the country seems illuminated from the sky as the city is bathed in lights during the durgotsav.

The huge " Antorikota"

Kolkata is a city of Joy and believe me, you'll feel the same why the tagline is perfect once you visit the city during this festival. It's not just a celebration. It's an exultation of the Bengali spirit. From parar pandels(pandels belonging to a particular colony or club) to residential complexes, all are ready to welcome Ma Durga. Ma Durga is assumed to be in Kailash and she visits to Earth, her father's home with her kids. The day of advent of Durga Puja is called Mahalaya when Ma Durga kills Ashura And erasing all the evils from our society. Bengalis have a thing. Every year, the story of Mashishashur Mardini is chanted over radio. When I was small I used to tune to a particular radio station to hear the"chandi path" Even today, on every morning of Mahalaya we get to hear the story. This nostalgic feeling shall keep me alive forever! This day marks the beginning of Agomoni.

Amazing architecture of Pandals

Temporary marquees are established to provide a "home" for Ma Durga and her kids. It was always been a point of attraction how beautifully Pandals are built; sometimes even with unnecessary stuffs like spoons, paper, colour containers etc. They are mammoth and attracts a huge number of people, even from other countries. Some old king palaces(precisely called Rajbaris) also celebrates Durga Puja. Durga Puja is also organised by many joint families across the city. They don't built theme Pandals but maintain their hundred years old legacy of celebrating Durga Puja. A visit to any Rajbari during this season can put up an image of how Durga Puja was celebrated in ancient palaces in those days. The unique illumination of the Pandals shall also attract you. And the most interesting thing, people stand in queues for long time to visit the pandels and I swear, you haven't seen such dedication anywhere before! And the watches seems to stop during this celebration. Be it midnight or afternoon, people are everywhere! Roads are filled with beautifully dressed colourful people! How amazing our city looks!

Pujo, Prem, Adda and Khawadawa

Durga pujo is incomplete without gossips and love from our family and friends. What would be do if we did not have anyone to hangout with!? Durga Pujo is that time of the year when people forgive each other for their misedeeds and together celebrate with the carnival spirit. And "fooding" goes simultaneously along with Pandal hopping. Streets are not only decorated within lights but also the cheerful faces of puchka kakus and bhelpuri bhaiyas. How can you miss such an intricate street food delicacy? Restaurants during puja time are filled with peop so it becomes difficult to find a table to dine. Street food during Pandal hopping is the best street buster! And how can we forget our beloved gossips? They are an integral part of every celebration. Pujo without Adda(Gossip in Bengali) is nothing.

So wasn't this three reasons enough to provoke you to visit my city during the Durga Puja? Come, celebrate Durga Puja wholeheartedly!