3 Main Keys For A Stable Relationship

Tiasa Biswas
Jun 29, 2019   •  43 views

You always gain by spreading love. We all dream of a stable relationship with someone who shall be able to handle us in our worst moments. Relationship is not about dream cruises, holidays, romantic dinner date. It's not about late night parties. A perfect relationship is based not on how you fly together, but how much you fight together against the problem. The biggest problem we make in life is avoidance. We tend not to discuss or sort out any problem but instead supress them until the next problem arises. Conflicts and disagreements are a part of a good relationship. A stable relationship is worth fighting for only when the fight is against the problem; together. A relationship provokes us to love each other even at those times when you don't tend to like each other. Three main ingredients to make a relationship more stable are here:


Trust is the most expensive gift in a relationship. A relationship can never be strong without relying on each other. A suspicious mind leads to nowhere but complications and depression which affects a relationship grossly. Past experiences and betrayal can create a bad impact on your present relationship, but believe me, to be trusted is a better compliment than to be loved. You don't need to forcibly trust someone. Trust comes easily when you recognize the person you love isn't the same as the one from your past. I know at times your trust might be misused. All people doesn't deserve to be trusted. It is not that someone didn't keep your trust means nobody in future can. Never loose your hope in love. Insecurities from the past can ruin our relationship today. So it's always better to give time, and understand every move of your partner. If you love the person, no one can stop you from being honest.


The first step of a relationship is appreciating the similarities and respecting the differences. Mutual understanding is the backbone of every relationship. We cannot find a solution to the problems if we don't understand each other. Relationship is all about two imperfect people who are trying hard to make it perfect for themselves. Love needs understanding. Before we place our own points in a quarrel, we should understand the problem, feel the situation and then react if necessary. Believe me, sorting out is much easier once the understanding is clear. A relationship is based on communication, not assumption. Speaking out your problems and understanding your partner is all you need.


A relationship should be breezy. Do you like to stay in a clogged room for long? I'm sure you will start suffocating. A human being needs to communicate to different people, apart from his/her partner. Be it a friend or so. Communication with others can help him/her to understand their partners more broadly. In relationships, there should be less control more freedom. Balanced relationship is always based on freedom and not obligation. Learn to forgive each other's mistakes. Forgiving each other can help you stabilize a broken relationship much faster. We should not indulge into toxic relationships but instead Try to broaden the aspect of a connection. Relationship based solely on sexual attractiveness can never lead to anywhere. The more you allow your partner to express, the more they'll blossom. Restricting each one from opening up can end a relationship in no time.

I've jotted a few points from my experience in life and also the people I've come across. If you have any you can share with me to!