We are now stepping into a new era of Digital payment. Today we have numerous payment applications and services on our mobile. The use of E-cash is increasing daily and such mobile payment options are now getting the lime light. Mobile payments are useful, user-friendly and saves a lot of time.

Seeing this Google too has made an entry in Indian Digital payment. It has launched it's mobile Wallet App Tez.

So what exactly Tez is?

Tez is a mobile payment service by Google which has targeted users in India. This payment application works on a vast majority of Indian smartphones for both Android and iOS. The word Tez was chosen as it stands forHindustani word 'fast'.As the names implies it has many such features which fastens the speed of our transaction. This service works for banks which uses Unified Payment Interface hence UPI payments are accepted.

What difference it makes ?

Tez supports numerous languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujrati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telgu with more languages coming soon. It also has many every day value offers. Unlike other payment appsthey have come up with a distinct features of Scratch Cards.

It also provides an opportunity to earn up to Rs 9,000 by referring your friends. When your friend downloads the app through your link and completes his first transaction you both earn Rs 51. Ifthe user makes a transaction of Rs.150 we will get a scratch card worth Rs. 1000.Furthermore If the users makes a transaction of Rs. 500 he/she will get a scratch card worth Rs. 1lakh which will be only opened on Friday. These Lucky draw offers makes this service more attractive. Furthermore the money through this gets transferred directly into your bank account and also allows the user to check the bank balance.

Tez was released on September 19, 2017 and was able to get 8.5 million installs within 37 days of being launched.

Privacy features of Tez.

Tez does not require it's users to share any personal information and instead use as Audio QR codes that rely on Sound Transmission. Using Tez's Cash Mode, you can instantly send or receive payments to anyone nearby without sharing personal details like your phone or bank account number. It uses ultrasound rays to connect two phones through the phone's microphone and speaker. Tez also has 24/7 customercare helpline for the users and can be accessed by going in Settings-> Help & Feedback then choose chat or call option. Tez also has a report spam option of users. Tez is currently accepted by Pvr Cinemas, redBus, McDonald's, Sate Government Electricity boards and also it is expected to join other businesses in not time.

Tez is a really time saver app with many distinct features which has enhanced digital payment. Transferring money to your friends family and paying your bills all has become easy through this application. However the users need to keep in mind is Text works on UPI payments and that the bank accounts that supports UPI payment can be linked to it.Thus Tez has got many good reviews and day by day manypeople are downloading and using this application.