The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history and is the longest holiday of the year. In the 21st century, the national holiday begins on the first of the Lunar Calendar and lasts until the 15th of the first month. The Chinese meaning of this festival is Guo Nian. Guo means "pass over" and Nian means "year." The origin of the Chinese New Year Festival can be traced back thousands of years through a continually evolving series of colourful legends and traditions.

Unlike our January 1 New Year celebration, the Chinese New Year festival is considered to be the most important 15 days of the year. It sets the potential for the upcoming year's prosperity and fortune.

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, every lunar year is given the name of an animal among the 12 horoscope animals mentioned in the calendar. The 12Chinese horoscope animalsare Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

This year 2019 is ayearof the Pig.

Here what they do for Spring festival.

Traditionally, the house is swept, cleaned, and decorated for optimal feng shui. Broken items, dead plants, and all clutter should be thrown out to make room for better things that are sure to come.

Red banners adorned with Chinese calligraphy, known as "chunlian" are hung around the house to usher in prosperity in the new year.

Groceries for the festival dinners and regular meals need to be purchased in anticipation of the holiday. Store shelves are often ransacked the week prior to Chinese New Year.

New wardrobes are purchased for family gatherings, temple visits, and public celebrations. Red is the colour of choice. White and black clothing should be avoided during Chinese New Year.

Small gifts and tokens of love are exchanged among people with candies, small cakes, trinkets, and candles. Children typically receive money or sweets placed inside of red envelopes known as "hong bao."

Paper lanterns and tea-light candles will be needed for the Lantern Festival on the 15th and final day of Chinese New Year.

All colours and species have symbolic meanings. Avoid white flowers as they are usually used for funerals, particularly chrysanthemums.

Orchids make a great choice, but know that they represent fertility and abundance. Peach and plum blossoms are very positive choices to give hosts.

Family members have a get-together and have a big reunion dinner. After the feast, people play games and children set off firecrackers. Everybody stays up late all night to welcome the coming of the new year.

It is one of the best time of the year to visit China. There is a tourist rush every year just to enjoy this longest festival holiday with great joy, pleasure and happiness. The preparation, decoration and natural beauty are the best things which you can't miss at any cost. There are many things like traditional outfits and food, Plum blossom, Red lanterns, fireworks at night. Many cities hold special temple fairs, where you can watch traditional dragon and lion dances, as well as special performances like an emperor's wedding.