Let it be a student, employee or even a housewife, we all get tired due to varieties of work. They may sometimes feel neck pain. A crick in the neck is not only annoying and painful, but it can also lead to headaches and upper back pain.

There are multiple simple steps that can be tried to relieve pain in the neck.

  • Good posture: Maintaining a good posture can prevent chronic/recurrent neck pain in a vast majority of cases.
  • Stretch exercise: Gently stretch your neck from side to side, slowly look left and hold for 10 seconds, then slowly look right and hold for 10 seconds or up and down, slowly bend neck back and hold for 10 seconds, then slowly put your chin close to your chest and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times every hour or so, when sitting for a prolonged duration.

Most importantly, if the pain lasts longer than usual, is more severe than usual, or does not get relieved by the usual measures, make sure to obtain a medical opinion.

  • Don’t roll your neck:This remains a popular measure to attempt to relieve neck pain, which in fact, does the opposite I.e. it grinds the bones together.
  • Don’t use hard pillows while sleeping: They force the spine to bend at the neck and frequently cause neck pain upon waking up. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach that throws the spine into its natural curvature and keeps the neck turned sideways.

Apart from these, massage can be a useful treatment to improve the neck pain condition. The neck and shoulder massager can massage you which will give you incredible relax. But the massage techniques should be safe.

Here are massages which can be helpful in neck pain relief.

  1. Lie sideways and keep a pillow under your head. Then gently massage your arm and the neck.
  2. Hold your shoulder with the hands and move gently the shoulders up and down.
  3. When the shoulders and arms get to relax, they will also get heavier. So make a circular movement with the fingers under your shoulder.
  4. Clasp your hands and keep them on the back side of your neck.
  5. Then squeeze the hands and press slowly.
  6. Take a deep breath and move your fingers to make a circular motion around the neck warmer area.
  7. You can apply deep pressure on the tension area.
  8. Do the process several times until you feel relax.

Benefits of neck massage

  • You can do the neck massage yourself at any place.
  • It will take less time but very much beneficial for your health.
  • It is not only a very of pain and stress but also reliefs your shoulder, head and back.
  • Neck massage provides energy to the muscles and helps to expand them.
  • The blood circulation of the brain gets improved by the neck massage.
  • Relaxing your body and mind, neck massage keeps you healthy and happy.

The tightness of the neck can make obstacles of the fluid circulation of the brain which causes headaches. Neck massage improves the blood circulation and relieves the stiffness. So, to do the neck massage for yourself, you must know the neck massage techniques. You can do a neck massage at any place and it will take 5 or 10 minutes.Neck massage gives you relax the whole body.