By the time most women reach the age of 13, they have already planned out the details of their dream wedding. On the wedding day, she is the complete centre of attention; a brief moment in time when the entire world stops and recognizes her existence and importance.

There is only one time in her life that she will wear a gown as beautiful as the one she chooses for her wedding day. Here are some of the best and most expensive wedding dresses in the world.

The diamond wedding gown( $12 million)

It is the most impressive, famous, beautiful, elegant and magnificent creation of work of art. This is the most expensive dress in the world to date. Its made of the finest fabrics that can be found in the world and in addition 150 carats of diamonds making it its price to be $12 million.

Yumi Katsura white gold dress ($8.5 million)

This dress is not only the second most expensive wedding dress in the world but also one of the most creative and beautiful dresses ever made. This dress was crafted with white Gold, finest silk you might find on the planet, best satin, a collection of precious gemstones and the fact that is hand stitched zari embroidery makes it unique.

Peacock wedding dress ($1.5 million)

It’s famous for it required 8 professional artisans to stitch the 2009 peacock feathers together in order to create a wedding dress worthy the aisle. This dress due to elegance, uniqueness, and stylishness made headlines in the world no wonder its value goes to around $1.5 million.

Danasha luxury gown ($1.5 million)

The main reason why it is this expensive is that it has 75 carats of hand-picked Antwerp, 18k worth of gold and some Belgium diamonds weighing 250 grams. This valuable work of art is what every woman would dream to wear.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress ($400,000)

It’s just pretty obvious what a wedding dress of the wife to Prince William would cost. Designer Sarah Burton master creation created a marvel of a wedding gown that would probably go down in history as one of the most expensive wedding gowns and most beautiful in the world of fashion. Some of the materials that were used in its creation were very expensive fabrics such as English Cluny lace, white satin gazar, and French Chantilly. The dress is estimated to have cost around $400,000.

No wonder the prices are meant for the rich. They are the top best most expensive wedding dresses in the world today.