Learn About The Brain In A Fun Way

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Central Nervous System :

The brain gives us the ability to think, perceive, contemplate, remember, learn and do much more. It more capable than your computer in terms of being conscious, a self-starter. (AI can do only as much as its data allows it to do.)

Why do I need to know about the brain ?

Because It’s fun !!! It does a lot more than you think it does and is practically the most important but not so acknowledged tool that you use on daily basis and which has been on Free Trial all along.

Let’s waste no more time and dive right in. The brain consists of a billion neurons and each neuron is very unique. The neurons form the communication passage between the senses and motor units. (to and fro).

The nervous system is structurally classified into two categories. The Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). Functionally, CNS and PNS work together. CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord. PNS consists of the rest of nerves and neurons all over the body.

Neuron is a single cell , while Nerves are a bunch of neurons. (Neurons are like wires inside the cable called Nerve). Brain has functions such as maintenance, alert and sense-response. This is akin to a computer’s working mode,interrupt mode and input-output mode.

The maintenance and alert systems maintain homeostasis. The sense-response system aids interaction with the outer world.

Science & Medicine: Midbrain

To be continued ….