Machine learning is basically an area of artificial intelligence. It enables computers to mould and develop according to the ever changing technology. It allows computers to use algorithms and look for relevant information. Some examples of it include cyber fraud detection, surf movies on Amazon Prime, real time ads on pages and so on. It helps to solve the real world problems. Ithelps in easing the multitasking jobs in an organization .It has become a vital part of our lives as we use it daily in most of what we do even without recognizing it. It is making our lives easy by changing the way we live, work, travel, communicate and think. It is simplifying the way we take decisions regarding our day to day lives, if we know how to harness its power.

1.EDUCATION – Computers are designed in a manner so that they can provide study plans according to the needs of each individual student. It provides us with online results and attendance which reduces the burden of both teacher and students.

2.LAW – For all the legal procedures computers are used. And within in some time we would be able to replace lawyers with computers only the gap would be of logical thinking.

3.Industries – Mechanization of manual labor, as more work in less time can easily be done through machines efficiently. Predicting the purchases that would be made by the consumers in the coming financial year. Even to provide customer support has become easy because of machines.

4.Health - Quicker and effective treatment with the help of faster diagnoses.
5.Transport – Due to the advancement of technology in the coming years we can expect to have shipping and rail networks to run autonomously.

6.Real time insight into the behavior of people regarding material things.
7.Decision regarding any new investment is based on previously processed data and therefore the decision is well thought.

8.It allows efficient utilization of resources.
9.ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION – It helps in weather and pollution forecast and therefore mitigates the risk of environmental degradation.

10.HOME SECURITY - It provides inbuilt cameras and alarm systems and even the tracking system is now a days possible.

1.Major difficulty is getting useful data based on algorithms.
2.Before using any machine they need to be tried, proper training is to be given to employees before using so it is very costly.

3.It requires specific education and therefore each and every person can’t be employed easily.
4.It is very time consuming process.

So there can be two views regarding machine learning. On one hand it would act as a threat to our freedom and would be inimical to the existence of humans but on other hand it is a boom and would help us in easing our lives in multiple ways. So it all depends on us how we use the technology, we should always try and make an effort to work it in a right manner because advantages takeover its disadvantages. The time has come where we should use it as this is the only way we can reshape our lives. Machine Learning is basically an expedition that may last for couple of decades.