I'm 18 and single and honestly so happy . However over the past few months I have started developing an unconditional attachment towards romantic movies and novels . ' A Walk to remember ' , ' Call me by your name ' and ' The fault in my stars ' have become my favourite . We all have to admit that we often wear those headphones with beaming romantic music and imagine such beautiful hypothetical situations that is so impossible in the real world but dreams are what keeps us alive and they also come true . You cannot stop dreaming or loving just because they might seem impractical . Also , I particularly wanted to mention love has no tag mark that it has to be between a boy and a girl . It can be between a boy and a boy , a girl and another girl too . What matters is the intensity of love , not any other parameters . Fairy tales had never stopped existing , you had just stopped believing.

When I was small , I loved reading fairytales . During school hours , I and my girl friends would rush during library periods , literally snatching and fighting to get the Princess and prince book . We loved reading them , maybe because they always had a happy ending and definitely because the barbie pictures were a real charmer at that time.

However in the process of growing up , I realised one thing , there was no such thing like a 'soulmate ' . You fall in love with a person and try hard to be with them . It's your efforts and not some god given one man destined to be with you forever irrespective of any efforts. Everything that happens in your relationship is your and your partner's responsibility . Trust me , there's no one man soulmate out there . Love does not happen once .

Sometimes the person you love is so close but you fail to envision them because you wander far away searching for things while they're right in front of you .



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Nice, check mine too.
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I too don't really believe in soulmates. A relationship stays because both make efforts to make it work not because god created that guy specially for you. Its all about how bad you want to be with that person and not giving up. Beautifully written❤️
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This is soo real and amazingly written<3
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It's so beautifully written. And trust me. Really accurate. Keep it up. 😊
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this is a good piece of writing. :)