Do What Makes You Happy

May 17, 2019   •  9 views

Do whatever makes you genuinely happy because happiness is the only thing that is is expensive yet can be achieved in the tiniest ways .

If you're a boy and don't love football or soccer or any other mainstream goals , it's absolutely okay . You are a different person and someone who judges negative on this doesn't deserve any attention . Girls who don't love makeup aren't considered girly enough . Why? Because they are diverging from the common mass or simply because they don't love what they're doing ? I want everyone to remember one thing and grasp it firm in their hearts : " You are always going to be judged irrespective of anything you do , so why not be judged for something you love ." Life is too short to dwell on anything else other than happiness and love and positive aspects . Also happiness doesn't come in materialistic things . You can be happy over a 200 dollar Gucci bag but you might be happier seeing someone you love after a year or a long time. The one thing that I have learnt so far is not waiting on someone to make you happy when you can do it yourself . You cannot let everything go depending on fate . Fate is what you can grasp and hold tight onto and what you can't. Learn to fight for your own happiness . Learn to accept being selfish .



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