“Are you kidding?” Well, I am not. Why should I? Even I want the same thing as you want.

As humans, our eternal desire is to hold onto our youth forever. A face without wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, sounds mythical and hence intrigues a lot of excitement around it.

Is it even feasible?

Let’s find out.

I want to take you to Japan for a moment. Well, not literally but, I just want your mind to travel. I guess the answer lies there.

We are allaware of the saying, ”Live as long as the Japanese”. It is a well known fact that the Japanese people have the longest life span in the world. Eventually, they are also, the highest consumer of Green tea.

China is the largest producer of Green tea. Once a Chinese King asked a monk, ”How do you live so young?”. The monk said, ”Drank tea daily, nothing else” .

What Is Green Tea

Green tea comes from Camellia sinensis plant. They contain high level of anti-oxidants, as the leaves are not fermented.

Polyphenols, catechins and other flavonoids are some of the compounds, which are known for their potent anti-inflammation property, are naturally present in Green tea.

Besides these, the tea has important minerals like manganese, chromium, zinc and selenium that control blood sugar level in humans.

Why Should You Bother Drinking Green Tea

1. Skin: Polyphenols present in Green tea protects skin from sun damage. If you are the person who likes to bathe in the sun a lot, then don’t think twice before applying Green tea extract sunscreen containing zinc oxide(inert in nature and so non-reactive with chemicals present in Green tea).

Also, freshly brewed Green tea could be frozen and used as ice cubes on your face.
As face mask, mix full-fat yoghurt with Green tea and apply onto your face directly. The result would be amazing.

Suffering from acne? Don’t worry. Green tea is your rescue.

Vit B2 and Vit E are essential for toning of skin. Amino acids like L-theanine helps remove dark circles under the eyes. Green tea is full of these.

Facing hair loss? Fear of getting bald? Switch to Green tea. Green tea helps stimulating hair growth.

2.Brain: Cognitive functions would be at its best, with regular consumption of Green tea.

3.Joints: If aching joints is your problem, try sipping green tea and notice the wonders happening.

4.Obesity: If you, want to fit into, that dress of yours, and keep stomach fat at bay, grab a cup of Green tea.

5.Cancer: Lowers risk of many types cancers as Green tea is infused with potent anti-oxidants.

What do you think, now? Convinced, right? So what are you waiting for?

Sip a cup of Green tea daily and flush out all your age related woes.