Let’s face it, apart from the fun and frolic, leisure traveling requires meticulous planning.

In fact, if you are thinking, to spend your next Diwali or Christmas overseas, then you will be needing an exhaustive information, beginning with the right travel agents, suitable holiday packages, Visa assistance, flight tickets, accommodation, food and drinks.

Extensive research aids in keeping yourself within budget as well as getting value for money. Sometimes, it really becomes mindboggling when you need to single-handedly decide the best holiday packages suited to your needs, all by yourself.

A little help from an expert would do magic.

Don’t hesitate to approach an experienced travel agent.

A good agent is one who would, take all the stress on themselves, like its their business. There are reputed travel agents in Ranchi and mention may be made of Jai tours andtravels, E Perk Holidays Regency Tour And Travels etc.

To get you a head start, I have listed 3 important points that you should take into consideration while travelling abroad.

Visa Assistance

Getting visa approval, is a rigorous procedure, but totally achievable.

I will outline few tips to increase the chances for faster approval.

a.Submit all the required documents on a one time basis and in an organised way. Most embassies will definitely reject incomplete applications.

So, do not waste time and effort as appointments are pretty hard to get. Also, check if your passport is expiring anytime soon. Make sure you follow these religiously.

b.Take care of the application details. Do not skip this. Most embassies are strict about the rules of filling the application. Read the guidelines and fill accordingly. Double-check for any possible errors.

a.Make it a point to submit only authentic documents unless you want to get banned forever.

b.Provide as many proofs as possible to make sure your visa gets approved. Try submitting only original documents.

a.You should be well prepared for the interviews and be presentable. You must provide a strong and reasonable purpose for your visit while applying for a visa.

b.You need to provide with sufficient proofs of funding for your stay abroad. Also don’t forget to provide necessary documents to showcase, that you are not overstaying.

Holiday Packages

I know that prior research about the right holiday package sounds thrilling, but sometimes , lack of time and budget haunts us while planning for any trip.

So, it is advisable to go for tour packages.

Start with finding the best tour agent on the basis of experience in the field and also ratings on Trip advisor. Be mindful of the taxes and prices of the meals, accommodation and conveyance.

Whatever package you choose, just make sure, that it is tailor-made to suit your unique needs.

Flight Tickets

Finding the best deals on flights, is very important, specially, when you are flying on a budget.

Make sure your search is incognito while browsing for cheapest deals online. Search in the best possible search engine like Skyscanner for booking flights.

Booking much early to your trip would give you an upper hand on getting good deals. Go for bulk flight booking, like for instance, booking for return and multiway flights tickets are cheaper than, that of many one-way tickets.

I am sure, that with all the above tips, you will ace in your search for a perfect trip package.

Have a safe journey.