It’s really not a fairy tale! It’s definitely not a story of Alladin and his magic lamp, where he became the victim of ‘’luck by chance’’ which transformed his life forever. Coincidentally even Android operating system followed ‘’rags to riches’’ phenomenon but then the luck factor is not involved. Its Cutting-edge features are to be blamed for grasping such huge market share today.

A quick look into the Android’s brief history would lighten our grey areas and guide us to understand the cause of its omnipresence.

Android is a Linux-based operating system which Google launched as a direct means of ‘’bone of contention’’ for Apple’s iPhone.

This was developed as an open source for all devices. This platform was exploited by Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. It is the most well - known operating system providing with a tough competition against iPhone OS and Blackberry OS.

Ubiquitousness is its uniqueness. Its presence is not only felt in smart phones and tablets but also in laptops, notebooks, smartbooks, smart TVs, cameras, smart watches and last but not the least, in cars too. The competition and openness among the android developers is the potent driving force for its propulsion.

Let us dive into its awesome features.

  1. The concept of all in one glance is accomplished by its notification tray which displays all types of email, SMS, missed calls or even the latest news highlights.

  2. The heaps of diverse free applications leave users with awe. Android is available on mobile phones for diverse handsets manufacturers. Each of them fabricates their product with poise and elegance. Hence, a buyer is left with innumerable alternatives to choose from.

  3. Widgets are a turnaround as one could efficiently access settings quickly.

  4. Currently the platform hosts around 600,000 premium apps which are developed, keeping in mind the users’ specifications. Google claims that over 934,000 installations per day have turned into a routine phenomenon for android enabled Smartphone users.

  5. Each version of this OS always has some new things to offer in comparison to its predecessors. The benefits would continue to rise as time passes and would become more sophisticated. It encompasses excellent security services. Permission is required for downloading any application.

  6. It supports advanced media formats like MPEG-4, PNG, GIF, JPEG, H.264 etc. It offers enhanced connectivity because of 4G enabled networks.

  7. Last but most important, android mobile phones are quite economic when general public is concerned.

Like all other things Android OS is also not free from shortcomings.

  1. Constant supply of internet connectivity is mandatory with this OS, which is always not feasible for many users.

  2. Low speed of processor and limitation of slow network access is a matter of irritation and dissatisfaction among users.

Despite the disadvantages, it is doing great till date and could be hoped that its future versions would be spectacular in addressing all the negative vibes.