When Adventure Meets Nostalgia...

Sudeshna Naskar
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Are you planning for the next world tour? Confused about where to land? I have the perfect solution for you.

Check out my list for the top countries known for their striking landscapes, water bodies and lush green forests.


Belize is a pioneer in Eco-tourism and hence an ideal destination for those who are interested in eco-adventures.

Whether it is exploring the Maya Temples and caves or peeping into the great Blue Hole or snorkel at Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Scuba-diving along with manta rays, nurse sharks, sea turtles, and various types of fishes, Belize fails to disappoint.

Kayaking and paddleboarding the Caribbean sea and a day-trip to Mountain Pine Ridge exploring the waterfalls with trekking Victoria Peak is a satiating experience.


Located in North America, Guatemala is known for Lago de Atitlan, Climb Guatemala’s Volcanoes, Rio Dulce and Lake El Golfete, El Paredón on the Pacific Coast, Semuc Champey, Cuevas de Candelaria, Laguna Lachua National Park, Fuentes Georginas.

Incredible diverse landscapes, from cloud forests and misty mountains to volcanic craters and caves, you can find nature in its purest form.

Adventure activities, including trekking, zip-lining, kayaking, wild swimming, and even camping on volcanoes, create a magical experience and lighten your spirit.


A perfect place to pacify your aching nerves, Ireland would surely amaze you.

Hiking through the Leinster’s Highest Peak Lugnaquilla, going for Kitesurfing on Duncannon Beach, sailing in Dun Laoghaire, swimming in Solomon’s Hole, are the popular outdoor activities and even after all of that, you just can’t get enough of what Ireland has to offer.


Iceland is an adventure lovers’ paradise.

There are endless possibilities for adventures in every nook and corner of the island from rafting to snorkelling to glacier hiking or even whale watching.

Be its glacier hiking and ice climbing, snorkelling at Silfra, white water rafting, soaking in hot springs, cave touring, there is an adventure tour for everyone.


Want to escape the crowds?

Put your bet on Greece's most spectacular rural spots beginning with sea kayaking in the Sporades islands, rock climbing in Kalymnos, windsurfing in Rhodes, Lefkada & Paros, mountaineering on Olympus, skiing in Northern Greece, White water rafting in the Peloponnese and Epirus mountains, hiking in the Cyclades (Naxos & Kea islands), touring by train in Pelion, Cave touring in Kefalonia.


Machu Picchu is what travellers think when they think of Peru.

The Incan citadel is truly the wonder of the world.

Cruising the Amazon rainforest, ziplining the Colca canyon, Flying over the Nazca lines, mountain biking in the sacred valley are some of the cool activities that you can engage yourself with.


Norway is much more than just the Northern Lights, like Arctic whale watching, climbing up the Galdhopiggen, the highest peak in Norway.

Highlights include the magnificent valley of Utladalen with its marvellous waterfall.

Take the polar express and witness some of the most spectacular fjord and mountain scenery, including the Arctic Circle. Truly, Norway will take your breath away.


Although Belgium is a small country, it is full of unique and wonderful activities.

Ride a Cuistax by the seaside and witness mesmerising surroundings.

Near the city of Durbuy, one of the smallest cities in the world, a giant maze labyrinth provides a unique experience for both children and adults.

Love animals? Go for zoo hoping. Visit Pairi Daiza which is more than just a traditional zoo.

Belgium hosts the highest number of summer festivals. One of the most renowned festivals is Tomorrowland, the biggest electronic music festival in the world.

Costa Rica

Though Costa Rica is a small country, it offers an unforgettable experience and leaves you wanting more.

Ziplining is the must-do activity in Costa Rica. Some of the best ziplines in Costa Rica are Diamante Eco Adventure Park in Guanacaste, Aventura in Monteverde and Sky Trek in Arenal.

Places that offer canyoning tours are Monteverde, Jaco and Turrialba. But be careful. This activity requires a bit of courage.

Spend a fun day with your family on the hidden beaches in Guanacaste. Go for snorkelling, beach hopping, fishing and surfing.


If you want to experience the silence of the desert, then look no further. The desert country, Morocco would fulfil all your needs.

Go for camping in the desert, Sahara. This is a must-do -activity on the first day of your arrival here.

Hike through the Atlas Mountains, explore Tazekka National Park and wander on Arabian horseback, across the beaches at Essaouira or Agadir, sand dunes in the south, and cruise through fields with olive trees. Picturesque moment.


Spain is a fun-loving and beautiful country, where you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

Activities that await you are:
·See Catalonia by bike
·Backpack the Pyrenees
·Mountain bike the Basque coast

The Balearic island of Mallorca is home to some of the world’s best caving, rock climbing, mountain biking, and kite surfing activities.

So? Still thinking? Go, run and pack your bags and don’t forget to share your story with me.



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