Technical Power Of The Technological World

Srinidhi Anand
Jun 27, 2019   •  1 view

The World revolves around the growth of technology. Technology is a dual matter. Yes! Technology used as boon or bane depends on how we use. Mostly preferred as boon. A country’s growth depends on technology growth too. Technology, in general, is an application of science in the practical to solve problems in daily life by inventing tools.

We are living in the era where enormous ideas updated on daily basis. We often don’t realize the technology we use daily. There always demand increasing in technical skills, techniques, etc., technology generally is of various categories like IT, communication, construction, etc., Lets walk further...

In 2019, our world reborn with heightened technologies. Let's have a look of the newly welcomed technologies which believes to set to grow in a long-lasting future.

An outline view of the top 8 technology trends of 2019. Let's start counting!!!

Artificial Intelligence

AI along with its data handling process has shaken up the technology with its amazing results. AI replaced the unmanageable human process or inefficient process. AI support many fields with its intellectual intelligence. A recent development in AI technology is its set its foot in the field of mental health and counselling and AI exports. Though AI has faced many technology breakthroughs still, its future grows by its brilliant strides. In simple, AI referred as imitation of human thoughts and action in anticipation of problems and self-learning of various tasks by the set of programs(instructions).

And Remember, we interact with AI everyday via Facebook feed, Apple Siri and many more. Our interaction with it hopes to increase further.

Machine Learning

Most fascinating technological tool in the technical world and friendly technology. Machine learning plays an important role in data analytics. They can analyze millions of data in a ticktock second. It is an application to Artificial intelligence that provides the ability to analyze human actions and improve the learning experience without explicit programming. A recent development in Machine Learning is automation of science writing. Yes! It's a cool thing. Isn’t it?A scientific document which will be translated to plain english summary by a neural network. This helps a common people to understand the scientific news in their own way.

Robotic Process Automation

Never miss the count! Yes its three. Robotic Process Automation(RPA)is kind of business process automation. This is achieved by the notion of software robots or AI workers. Explicitly performing a large number of tasks with ease is the great advantage. New development is an unassisted RPA, despite its drawback, its efficiency amazes the business people. A very clear step of the task will make its efficiency profitable.

A recent development will lead to intelligent process automation where application of cognitive reasoning along with AI, ML will improve the automation effectively.


Currently, three types of blockchains emerged after bitcoin. Blockchain is the technology where digital form of money exits. Their purpose is to keep up digitized ledger of transaction for security, creation of cryptocurrencies, etc., It makes the transaction easier and faster by reducing the large processes.

They decentralize the files storage yielding high benefits. They can also be good in auditing. To know the latest news about blockchain, click this link below.

Malaysia’s Stock Exchange to Develop Blockchain Proof of Concept for Security Borrowing and Lending

Edge Computing

It is the distributed computing model or pattern where the storage moves closely for the operation of the computer. The large process will be processed on the decentralized device nodes. According to the study from IDC, all amount of IoT data can be analyzed and processed at the edge of the network by 2020. It avoids the data disruptions and slowing the transmission and receiving delays.

Digital data platforms believed to increase the efficiency of edge computing. The edge computing based application is Dropbox. It is believed that it will lead the way to enable 5G.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

The two great things which evolve fast and attract many users. They are slowly growing in interest, from health to industrial field. Augmented reality is the technology where it attaches some digital elements to the reality to make the environment amazed. Virtual reality completely shuts the physical world. Pokémon go based on AR while VR headsets are the best VR system in the market.

Cyber Security

The cyber security is the another technology. Currently, corporate world facing high level data breach and ransomware attacks. In order to control such crime, the cyber security evolves. They avoid disruption and misdirection of services. It is a kind of computer security defending the networks from cyber attacks.

In the emergence of various systems like smart devices, etc., protection of system is a great challenge for developers to secure against unauthorised exploitation of important resources.

The Internet Of Things

Statistics of IoT connected devices installed from base worldwide from 2015 to 2015.


Connection of the network of devices via the internet is IoT. It plays a major role in the sharing of resources in the large network. This manages large data and balance centralization. IoT emerges from the convergence of multiple technologies like data analytics, AI, etc., deep reinforcement learning is the main concept of IoT which makes it stand unique despite its security issues.

Thus, these are the many emerging technologies of IT field. Likewise, many fields have technology developments.