Small Steps Of Artificial Intelligence In The Near Future

Srinidhi Anand
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Overview Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence never stops to amaze with its small steps. In everyday life, AI is in progress to introduce the changes in our life. AI is normally used for logistics, data mining, etc., the AI has sub-disciplines like machine learning, robotics and so on. The AI stands out in today’s world is because of its ability to interpret the external data, to learn from those data and take actions which maximize its efficiency in solving complex situations.

Artificial Intelligence is for handling the task artificially in an intelligent manner in contrast to human intelligence. The gradual growth of AI is tremendous and still an ongoing one.

Tools Of Artificial Intelligence

Some of the tools of the AI are:

  1. Search and optimization.

  2. Logic.

  3. Probabilistic methods for uncertain reasoning.

  4. Classifiers and statistical learning methods.

  5. Deep feedforward neural networks.

  6. Artificial Neural Networks.

AI In Creation Of Lively Images

But the AI still facing some issues which are in progress to be developed.
AI is used to track a large amount of data in the real-time and can progress effectively by analysing it. AI is used for creating human faces. Indeed a real human. The latest relevant information on AI progress in art made us speechless. It can develop living portraits from one single image.

Click on this link for more information on the AI progress. Animated Mona Lisa

Can AI create person face who doesn’t exist in the real world?
Click me to know the answer.

AI is used in many applications in various forms. Various fields like health, Art, Video Games, finance and economics, Automotive, Audit, defence and so on. Artificial Intelligence is used in the military field gradually.

AI In Military Fields

In an intellectual manner, artificial intelligence is in the way to lessen the learned data to allow new tasks to be learned. A framework has been developed for deep neural networks. This is the new step to help the Army missions. Leading the learning of the new task makes AI perform the previous tasks in a much better way. The previous task is not forgotten wholly but at the same time, it will outperform the previous frameworks.

The backward transfer phenomenon is performed which is seen mostly on human, lesser with AI. LEARN TO GROW is a new framework to develop continual learning(learning to learn) in AI which may lead to lose the old task or to develop the efficiency of the problem-solving skills.

Cons Of AI

While sometimes AI outnumbered task handling ways scare us to the core. The two ways of fear are prevailing among humans related to AI development.

One will be AI consciousness. If AI is developed in the manner to gain consciousness, then it will be out competing with humans and eventually leads to the destruction of humans and overthrow humanity. While on the other hand, this development of AI should be a boon to the human world. But yet it's not guaranteed because if any amoral attitude of humans may lead to the harness the destruction to the development of AI.

A scientist named the neural network as the “Nightmare machine” which transformed the photos to hellscapes based on the horror stories written by reddit users.

But if we put aside the fears, the AI will be beneficial in various ways. The AI development sparks violent confrontation among humans. The real AI development in the near future will be the answer to all our questions.



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