Halloween day is the national holiday celebrated on October 31 every year. It originated with the Celtic festival of Samhain. To create the balance between the earth and world of the dead, people celebrated the Halloween eve to ward off the ghosts. They follow the various traditions on Halloween day. Let’s have the look at the creepy things of Halloween day and their origin.

Ancient Origin Of Halloween

2,000 years back, Celts lived in the area which now called Ireland, united kingdom and northern France. They celebrated Halloween day at the summer’s end and beginning of the cold winter period. Every year they had the new year celebration on November 1 before that evening, they wear scary costumes and celebrate all hallow’s eve in the thought of communicating with the dead. There are no clear records of the celts and their traditions.

They believed that the boundary between the world of the dead and living was becoming thin and performed the Halloween eve. Eventually, the next day after the Halloween eve is celebrated as all saints day. Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as all saints day to honour all the saints in the eighth century. The Celts performed animal and crops sacrifices on that eve and attempted to tell each other’s fortune.

After Roman capturing the Celts territory, the Roman festivals are combined with the Samhain Festival. They celebrate the Feralia, commemorate the passing of the dead and Pomona, the goddess of the fruit and trees. The symbol of Pomona is apple which incorporation with Samhain explains the bobbing of apples is practised till now on Halloween eve.

All Saints Day

All saints day is celebrated annually on Nov 1. It is celebrated as the Catholic holy day of obligation. They are celebrated to honour all the saints who have died and attained heaven. On this day, all Catholics should attend the eve. All saints day are also called as the All Hallows’ day or the feast of all saints. The traditions followed on this day are varied across the countries and most often there is no distinction between the “All Saints Day” and “All Souls Day”.

Unknown Interesting Facts Of Halloween Day

Some of the unknown interesting facts about Halloween day are listed below:

  • The people dressed up in Halloween costumes is to hide them from ghosts. They thought that if they were dress like ghosts, they can hide away from spirits and they always wore masks which resemble like ghosts faces.

  • The jack-o'-lanterns are originally carved into turnips in ancient days. In Celtic people period, person names Stingy jack once tricked devil so that Jack died and the ghost made him roam in the night with burning coal. So the people carved the jack faces in turnips to scare away the ghosts or jack at the nights. After sometimes, jack-o'-lanterns are carved in pumpkins.

  • Cats have been part of the Halloween day festive. Priests used cats for future predictions during the Celtic festival of Samhain.

  • According to the Romans, the Halloween day is celebrated by wearing the dead animal skull and skin so that they believe that they can communicate to the dead.

  • Halloween day is also celebrated to find true soulmates. They hide the ring and thimble inside the cakes and fruits. If they find a ring, then they will be married to their true soulmate within one year. Whereas if you find the thimble, then you’d be unlucky.

  • Halloween day festival was started in us by Irish and Scottish immigrants during the late 18th century and early 19th century.

  • In the list of holidays, the Halloween day celebration is the second highest grossing commercial holiday followed by Christmas.

Thus, besides the facts, Halloween day is celebrated and enjoyed by people with different costumes and followed different traditions among different countries.