Life can find us a thousand ways to be less stressed. We live a hectic life where we need to follow some ways to lessen the stress. Well most of us fed up of yoga session while meditation can't be our cup of tea. Inducing your creativity is one of the best ways to relegate the stress. Yeah! invoking a singer who resides in you or an artist or maybe a dancer can help you to relieve from stress. It activates your unconscious parts of your brain to be energetic. But remember, nothing is great when started. “Practise makes the man perfect” is the best saying to be considered whenever we fail while trying new thing. Art therapy is believed to be one of the stress relievers.

Three Significant Ways To Reduce Stress

Here are Proven Health Benefits obtained by Drawing, Painting and Art. On the whole which can improve your quality of life.

Increased Creativity

Art is a way of easing the hard situation. Our feelings will be poured into painting. Also, which can improve our creativity in an efficient way. Holding a paintbrush triggers the imagination in us. Artistic skills play a vital role in overall brain development. Involving oneself in the creative works quickly releases stress, and calms the anger. These activities are recommended for teenagers to ensure adequate brain development. Painting is a great way to represent our emotions.

Better Memory

Drawing is one of the purest forms of creation that can be produced deliberately. We are literally using our brain and creating something 'outside' of ourselves as an interpretation of something inside of ourselves.

Drawing affects the brain in a way that music, reading, sports, singing, or nearly any other activity can affect. Painting is one of the ways to boost up your memory skills. A study which is published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology suggested that drawn words were better recalled than written. Also, drawing strengthens memory by perfectly integrating the visual, semantic, and motor aspects of the memory trace. This is also a great psychological benefit of drawing. A person who is creative has less risk of facing memory related issues. Art helps us to build self-confidence and overcome shyness.

They are helpful in exhibiting our inner emotions. Painting is a key to the soul to be healthy. It will ease the memory issues of the people. So, pick up the brush, and start creating your imaginations.

Improve Communications

One can simply improve their communication skills by getting via drawing and painting works. Since art is the only way to express feelings without verbal communication, sketching can protect one from their unutterable emotions. Art is effective in helping people break free from their personal limitations and mental tiredness. It enables individuals to surpass their shyness, autism, and other disabilities.

When Art Speaks

Likewise, we can relegate stress in every way which we find passionate. Art is not only what we create, but also how it recreates us while we are busy creating them. Live stress less healthy life. Live for you and your loved ones. We have one life, and we become who we imagine.



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Thanks for suggesting a platform for my works. Sure I'll try and let you know. thanks a lot kanika
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Your blog is thoroughly researched. I like reading your blog I would like to suggest you a platform on which you are not only restricted to writing you can also upload your artwork, skill videos, projects, and many more things can be done through a single window. go through it once and let me know your experience.
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sure. Thank you Shriya.