Life's Purpose

There is always someone who is still out there thinking what’s the purpose of their life. All have come across that question at least once in our lifetime while some across often. But the answers lie within us. Some would find soon while most are unable to find while some finds later in life, either way, we lose the time by watching out for the answer. While I’m also wondered in my lifetime, and the most interesting thing is, it seems clear but it's not.

Things We Know We Need

The basic things we need in our life food, shelter, and water. It's what we have been told, but some things which are meant to stay in dark is waiting for us to find. We all need care, love, affection. The darkness holds these things and made us blind when we try to search them. We, of course, failed to accept that we are losing humanity gradually to be consumed by darkness like selfishness, anger, money, etc.

We all sometimes need the support to sail in our hardships. Most of us are courageous to face our problems and fight with them. Indeed, we will watch out for one single living being to tell us, “you are brave enough to face this no matter what, I’ll stand by you”. Loved by someone gives us the courage to face any issues in our life. Some will get this support from themselves while others, search outside.

Things We Forgot To Do

Sometimes, our small actions will give an answer to our question which we think unanswerable. Some things we should not forget while sailing through hardships and some things we want to forget to keep us moving forward. Take a minute in your daily life, to try something new to feel better, to make yourself better than your previous versions.

  • Take a minute to say thanks for small things and for small help you get. It makes you feel more polite. You may never know that a small word can make anyone’s day beautiful.

  • Take a minute to help someone who looks for your help in your life.

  • Take a minute to say sorry, if necessary in any situation. It shows that you have a beautiful heart. Yeah! It needs a courageous person to say sorry. There is no egoistical damage by saying sorry.

  • Take a minute to appreciate other’s work to support you even they are your acquaintance.Take a minute to look back the way you came, to be humble to others even they are unknown to us.

  • Take a minute to see the other’s work to support them because you can come across someone who can be your older version.

  • Life never changes us until we accept ourselves to change. Life never seeks anyone to be stagnant. Never say no to learn something new.

  • Take a minute to shower your fellow beings with kindness.

Last but not least, never forget to put the smile on your face. Life is not about the future, and life never tells us to hold our past. It has only present for us. Smiling always doesn’t mean that you are happy. It needs a brave heart to always smile. Life is always made of uncertain events. It is not wrong to be crazy sometimes. We always need to face any situation in our life and always be mindful to never ever hurt anyone.

Once my friend advised me to fight every situation and live each moment in my life. Same I want to tell my friends (aka readers) to remember the same words. Be independent, be a fighter for what you want, be yourself and follow your heart to do what do you want.

Be contented and be happy to stay blissful which may let you reinvent your better version every day which is the best answer to yours life.



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Very well written....can u check out my articles too
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thanks. Sure