• Growth of industries plays a important role in the development of any state in the country. Our state has this great opportunity. Due to the presence of abundant mineral resources, raw materials , ideal climate, sufficient water, good transport system, skilled labourers, wide market and modern technology, Karnataka is famous for a variety of industries. The industries range from agricultural-based small scale industries to modern large scale industries.

  • Sir M. Vishveswaraiah's contribution to the development of industries in Karnataka is remarkable.Believing in the motto 'Industrialize or perish' , he laid the foundation for many industries in the state. After the hydroelectric power generation station was started at Shivanasamudra in 1902, many industries producing essential goods and products for daily use came into existance.

  • Rice mills, tile factories , beedis and cigarettes, iron and brass foundries were established.

  • After independence , the industrial policy of the Central Government enabled further industrial development in the state. As a result , many more factories were established.

Iron and steel Industry

  • Karnataka occupies the pride of place by being the first state in South India to establish an iron and steel factory. Sir M.Visveswaraiah's foresight enabled an Iron and steel Industry to be set up at Bhadravathi in Shivmoga district in 1923.

Cotton textile

  • Cotton textile industry is one of the modern industries established very early in the state. It is an agro-based industry. From ancient times, weaving cloth on hand looms was in practice in Karnataka. It is practiced even now . Although cloth is produced from synthetic yarn, and foreign cotton textiles are available, Indian cotton textiles are in great demand.

Sugar industry

  • The sugar industry is one of Karnataka's important large-scale industries. It is also an agro-based industry. All factors necessary for the development of this industry are favour in the state. Sugarcane production requires humid climate, power supply , local market , transport system etc. This industry plays an important role in the economic development of Karnataka.

Paper industry

  • Paper is of great importance in the modern world. It is essential for education, printing, newspapers and for propogation of culture it is a forest based industry.

Cement industry

  • Since urbanization and industrialisation has increased in Karnataka, the demand for cement in construction activities has also increased. Cement is essential for constructing houses, public buildings, roads, bridges , dams etc.