5 Photo-Editing Apps For That Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Soumita Sen
Jun 24, 2019   •  75 views

“A picture is worth a thousand words” they say and here is where the role of photo-editing apps begin. Instagram started off as a basic photo-editing app as well and how ironical it is that we now require 20 other editing apps to decorate our feeds here. Bloggers have given us major goals with their planned and themed Instagram feeds and we wanted to do the same. It could be placing three similar pictures in a row, or square-fitting your pictures with that white border, whatever be your Insta-game, this list of apps is going to be your saviour.

1) Snapseed

This app has quite a few essential tools that you will require to edit your picture. The smartest feature is perhaps the ‘Portrait’ option which lets you brighten your face, smoothen it out, enhance your eyes, or maybe all three together. It lets you correct the perspective of the picture and smartly adds additional photo space instead of cropping parts out. The “ambience” option makes the picture clearer and the RGB curves lets you add your favourtie hue, apart from brightening the picture. “Drama” lets you add dramatic filters to your pictures which look beautiful.


Probably a favourite among those who love tumblr-ish edits on their pictures. This app does come with a few free filters with which you can work, by altering a few aspects. But majority of the features need to be paid for. Nonetheless, you get to work with the ‘grain’ and ‘fade’ tool which is probably the key factor to making the pictures aesthetic and vintage.

3) Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop for amateurs like us. This app is probably the only editing app you need because it has the most extensive range of filters and tools. The pre-formulated filters are all you need to make your pictures have that edge. It also has many tools available for changing the black and white concentration, dehazing the pictures, colour and noise correction and also for fixing blemishes( we all have that stubborn pimple that we don’t want in the pictures!)

4) Lightroom CC

Lightroom for mobiles, this app has all the basic tools that you would need plus more. It has a selection of presets, including modern, artistic, BnW, vintage and basic. These presets are all you would need for adding those mellow hues to your pictures. You can always alter certain aspects of the presets and save your own new formula.

5) Picsart

And how can I not include this? This was the very first editing app I used and besides having a thousand filters, it has some tools which makes you make quite a few dramatic changes in your pictures! You can cut and remove the background, add different layers, make the background completely dark or even cut out that one unwanted object(or person) from the picture. The ‘square-fit’ option is probably the most useful tool, for resizing the pictures according to the Instagram block.

The list includes a few others like the famous Huji cam and RNI Films. I am not a professional and this list has apps I personally use to edit my pictures. I hope this helps out people like me out there, who don’t know a lot of editing, but still would like their Insta page to look good. Thanks for reading this.

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