Top 6 Style Ideas For A Man For His Wedding Day

Sonya Kukic
Jul 31, 2019   •  2 views

Only a well-dressed groom will be the perfect match for his elegant bride. Therefore, if you're preparing to exchange vows with the love of your life and you have no idea which formality to go for, we're here to help you make the best decision ever. Aside from following the dress code, it's also crucial that you incorporate a bit of your personal style. It's your wedding after all, and if at some point you feel like you should step away from the tux and go for your personal preferences of a blazer and a pair of chinos, do it. However, there are a few other suggestions that might pique your interest.

A tuxedo for a black-tie wedding

A white tuxedo can be a good alternative to black, and it will help you make a statement. To achieve a polished, well-dressed look, try and tie your own bowtie. Clip-ons won’t look bad either, but if you want to look dashing, tie your own. Patent shoes are an absolute must and feel free to go bold with your socks for some extra flare. In case you own a black-tie outfit already, all you’ll need to do is match this look by throwing on a white tuxedo with the aforementioned accessories.

Casual leaning towards formal

Casual looks can vary from a salmon colour to navy if you’re getting married on a beach in Sydney, for example. Even though you’re having a beach wedding, you can decide to have a smart casual outfit that will look both elegant and relaxed at the same time to match the location. Salmon trousers in combination with a navy blue dress shirt and a beige checked blazer could go perfectly with the beach ambience. Add a navy pocket square and stick to pique fabric or light cotton in the summer to stay cool.

Go for a morning suit

If you opt for a morning suit then the idea for the groomsmen is that everyone should look the same. That’s why you should keep personalised elements to a minimum. When it comes to a top hat, it’s optional, but if you decide to wear it, make sure you let the groomsmen know they should do it as well. Go for a tux with a tail, striped grey trousers and a yellow tie for the ultimate sleek look. A white pocket square and a light grey waistcoat will cohere the entire ensemble.

Smart wedding suits are a good choice

Double-breasted suits are one of the best options for a smart casual wedding. However, be sure that the suit is tailored correctly to avoid looking old-fashioned. You can find stylish wedding suits in Sydney and pick out the one that best flatters your physique. Match a dark blue suit, for example, with brown shoes. If you’re getting married in the summer, feel free to go for lighter shades of blue. With a pair of sunnies, your summer wedding look will be perfect.

Casual beach weddings and a relaxed look

Even though you may be tying the knot at a Sydney beach, it doesn’t mean you should go for white linen trousers. Traditional tailoring will still be a much better choice. Therefore, go for a white grandad collar shirt, a navy blue double-breasted suit and shorts in subtle colours.

Channel your personal style

Your wedding should be all about you anyway, so if you feel like you want to stray away from all the rules and formality and your bride agrees, don’t hesitate to wear a chambray suit, a plaid shirt and pale-blue Vans, if that’s what you fancy. With a crisp navy bow tie, you’ll look sharp but still unique.

Final thoughts

Picking out wedding attire can be a hassle, but if you know which dress code to follow, you won’t have much trouble. Also, if you don’t want to stick to the rules, that’s perfectly fine too. Express yourself through your wardrobe and have the best time ever.