The Hottest Swimsuit Trends For 2020

Sonya Kukic
Sep 27, 2019   •  2 views

The summer season always marks the beginning of the most joyful and exciting time of the year when the days are longer and warmer, the skin is darker, hair is lighter and spirits get higher. Going to pool parties and beaches can't be complete without the latest and trendiest swimsuit and this season is no exception.

To support all the effort women around the world put into getting into shape and looking their best, swimsuits of 2020 are innovative and in keeping with the current trends and design solutions. Designers are stretching the definition of a traditional view of swimsuits and all they can be so now there are pieces to suit every body type and state of mind that can be worn from a morning pool party to a late evening bash with just a few accessories.


Minimalism still rules but there is evidence of lux details, shimmer and bold colour making their return. Here’s a quick look of what swimsuit trends will be on display this summer.

All-day swimwear

Women love a good multi-tasker and items that have multiple purposes always hit a jackpot! Therefore, it's no surprise that many swimsuit designers are launching pieces that can be worn as bodysuits and with the right colours, such as the trendy earthy palette, these sleek designs will combine easily with other parts of your summer wardrobe.


Floral prints

Floral prints may not be ground-breaking at the moment, but they surely bring freshness and vibrancy into swimwear. These days, swimsuits come in art-inspired floral prints with abstract and pop influences and can be seen on both men and women in many famous world resorts. The trend is slowly taking over and its standout example is a printed bikini.

Animal prints

Animal print swimwear still tops the lists of favourite designs but this season, it’s going a step further. Where once it was only snakeskin and leopard spots, not swimwear is proudly displaying jungle-inspired patterns, from tiger and zebra stripes to giraffe and cow patterns.

One-shoulder cut

As the off-shoulder look seems to be on its exit, one-shoulder cut is taking hold of the ground. This design is sleek and edgy but also much more practical than other current swimwear styles. Its versatile design allows for a sporty, strong or sensual look and it’s flattering to various body shapes and sizes.


In spite of the fact that the media still perpetuates the stigma of being fuller, curvier or overweight – whatever the term – we are witnessing an increased awareness of body positivity and many famous fashion and cosmetic brands are making an effort to be all-inclusive when it comes to the body type.

Even fashion shows aren't only using Victoria Secret-like models but are turning more and more to natural-looking, curvy women so the swimwear today is also embracing an all-inclusive sizing. Finally, there's a match with the diversity of human body size and shape and women around the world have a much wider choice of stylish and fashionable swimsuits. Such is the trendy high waisted bikini that fits well feels great and flatters all body sizes equally.

One-piece swimwear

The latest swimwear trends haven’t left out the all-time classic - the one-piece swimsuit. Creative prints and cuts are turning this swimsuit from a just a random piece of fabric into an elegant and edgy accessory for summer.

The best feature of one-pieces is that they emphasise the body’s natural curves and features. With original cuts and colours, these swimsuits become almost exclusive and are also easily upgraded with stylish accessories such as belts that put even more spotlight to the waist and elevate a simple piece.

There’s not one body type, shape or size that is good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, so just go ahead, pick the swimsuit you like, dress up and enjoy your summer to the fullest!